PuraFlame 33″ Electric Firebox Review

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The PuraFlame 33″ Western electric firebox heater is one of the best-embedded heating fireplaces we’ve reviewed so far on this site.

This unit’s realistic flames, logs, and ember bed create the feeling of a real fireplace. Its powerful heater can efficiently warm up a small to medium size room. It is also super-quiet.

This PuraFlame also comes with remote control for easy control of the flame effect and heat output.

For those looking for a realistic firebox insert with the decent heat output and a fair price range, the Puraflame unit is a great choice at a nice price.


1. Beautiful design

Puraflame Western 33 Embedded Electric Firebox with Heater and Remote Control - traditional room

One thing I love about the PuraFlame Western is the unit’s design.

The black polished outer trim, coupled with the brick wall interior, create a beautiful modern design that works in almost any style home. Use it for your living room, study, or bedroom to add a modern twist to the room design.

2. Excellent heat output

A lot of electric fireplace owners complain about the lack of heat output from firebox inserts. But this isn’t an issue with the PuraFlame Western.

When you read the most 5-star reviews, you’ll see that most owners are really happy about the unit’s heat output.

You have two power settings to choose from, too: a low 750W fan heater or the high 1500W fan heater depending on your heating needs. Electronic temperature control gives you a more precise temperature and makes your room more comfortable, as well.

Please note that this firebox is designed to heat closed spaces of up to 400 square feet. Beyond that, the heat output may not be satisfactory in colder climates.

3. Quiet operation

This may be the quietest fireplace insert you’ve ever (not) heard. No noisy fans will disturb your rest as you enjoy the warmth.

4. Realistic flame effect

Puraflame Western 33 Embedded Electric Firebox with Heater and Remote Control - design attention to detail

With the PuraFlame Western, most of your friends and visitors will be convinced that this is a real fire, down to the glowing embers and logs. It looks like the real thing.

5. Remote control

Puraflame Western 33 Embedded Electric Firebox with Heater and Remote Control - remote control

The PuraFlame Western remote control comes with three functions:

  • An on/off power button.
  • A button to change the flame effects. Just press it to cycle through the three available variations and choose the one you like best.
  • Heat setting: select between 750W and high-heat 1500W fan.

If the remote gets lost or damaged, you can adjust the same settings using the buttons at the top edge of the unit. Just open the fence door to access them.

6. Awesome value

The PuraFlame Western electric firebox is retailed for less than $350 in most online retail shops like Amazon. This makes it one of the best-value electric fireboxes you can buy that provides enough useful heat for most rooms.


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Puraflame Western 33 Embedded Electric Firebox with Heater and Remote Control - dimensions installation   Puraflame Western 33 Embedded Electric Firebox with Heater and Remote Control - dimensions

• Energy-efficient LED flame effect.
• Ideal for rooms up to 400 square feet.
• 1.8-meter power cord for fuss-free plugging.
• Easy to install and uninstall. Nothing to screw or nail in place.
• Operates on 120 volts AC.
• Measures 35 inches in length, 8.7 inches in width and 27 inches in height.
• Includes a user manual to help with installation, operation, and maintenance.

Customer Reviews

The 33″ PuraFlame has one of the highest customer ratings on Amazon among all firebox inserts.

With a rating of 4.8/5, it has impressed almost every verified buyer there.

Most owners praise the stylish look of the unit and the realistic flame effect. Others note the excellent heat output while others praise the company for including remote control.

Overall, this is a product that is easy to recommend.


Despite the high customer rating, there are still a few things about the PuraFlame that fall short of the mark.

For example, some customers report having to push the remote control several times before the unit responds.

Also, be careful of your room size if you are purchasing this unit for its heating capability. If you are using the unit in a room larger than the specified maximum of 400 square feet, you may not be happy.


There are plenty of firebox inserts to choose from in this size range, but the PuraFlame Western 33 is one of the best values going right now for a wall-mounted heating electric firebox.

It warms up a room quickly; it has great style, it is easy to install, and it uses low-cost LED technology. It’s also as quiet as a mouse.

For small to medium-size rooms, this is one of the best heating fireplace inserts you can buy.

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