How to Install a Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace in 5 Easy Steps

How to Install a Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace in 5 Easy Steps Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Today’s electric wall fireplace models are sleek, stylish, economical, eco-friendly, and the most recent house interior design trend.

They are also easy to install, and the kits include all of the hardware that you require. You can install most wall fireplaces in five simple steps.

Electric Wall Fireplace Choices — Recessed And Wall Mounted 

Electric fireplace installation

Both recessed electric wall fireplaces and wall-mounted will add elegance and warmth.

Recessed electric fireplaces give the built-in, custom appearance that homeowners with the right space appreciate. A wall hung fireplace can be installed on just about any wall, similar to a piece of artwork or a flat-screen TV.

With both options, you’ll first want to choose a suitable location that isn’t prone to moisture. It also has to be in an area with a safe distance from furniture, high traffic areas, and drapes.

Before you start the installation procedure, carefully read the guidelines, including the cations, that came with your electric wall fireplace unit. If you do, you can avoid running into issues. 

Installation Procedure For Electric Wall Fireplace Recessed 

PuraFlame Alice installation

  1. Follow the plan included in the instructions and prepare the frame opening. The framework opening will be larger than the fire unit itself. For maximum concealment, we suggest that you have an expert electrician install an electrical outlet based on regional building codes. Set a 110v outlet on the finished surface above or to the right of the recessed opening. Fascia will cover the outlet and plug.
  2. Attach included L-metal brackets to the unit with small washer head screws that are little.
  3. Secure the fireplace unit to the completed framed opening with the large washer head screws. Move at least four of the screws into a solid, durable, backing.
  4. Since the installation is semi-permanent, all you have to do to move it is to take out the screws. It’s essential not to block the fireplace with any extra tile or trim because it can block the appropriate airflow.
  5. Hang on the face area on the fire unit. Ensure the hooks on the glass face have been adjusted on the fire unit on all four studs.

Installation Procedure For Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace 

Modern Flames Nova

  1. Fix the mounting bracket with wall anchors and large washer head screws. The wall anchors fixed at the highest outside corners. A minimum of two screws fixed into a solid backing. Use the guide included in the manual to determine the proper distance between the screws used to keep the mounting bracket in place.
  2. Connect the L-metal bracket to the base of the fireplace with small washer head screws.
  3. Suspend the fire unit on the given mounting bracket.
  4. Use the L-metal bracket to tighten the bottom of the fireplace to the selected wall space. Electric fireplaces are also semi-permanent in regards to installation.
  5. Hang the glass face on the fireplace. Ensure that the fire unit is secured on all sides with the help of hooks.

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