How to Install an Electric Fireplace in Your Wall

How to Install an Electric Fireplace in Your Wall Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

This post will cover the basic procedure to follow when you want to install an electric fireplace insert inside of an existing masonry fireplace.

There are two kinds of fireplace inserts addressed by this guide, logs, and fireboxes.

Can I Install An Electric Fireplace Insert Myself?

Install An Electric Fireplace

You can install an electric fireplace insert yourself if you have an electrical outlet in your fireplace and have some carpentry knowledge.

In most cases, however, you’ll need to hire a licensed electrician that will assist you in setting up a power outlet inside your old fireplace opening.

Clearance Requirements

These are the minimum spaces for different sections of your fireplace insert:

  • • 3/8″ by the firebox top into a combustible or non-combustible substance;
  • • 2″ from the surface of the insert frame to a mantel board over it;
  • • 1″ in the back and sides of the insert into the walls around it;
  • • no minimum clearance to the ground.

Installation Steps

Electric fireplace installation

Please note that the following installation steps might be different based on a specific brand of the insert you’re currently installing. Please check the product manual of your insert for details.

Before you start an installation, make sure the insert works – plug it in, play with lights and heat; if everything works, proceed with the installation.

1. Put A Cover Plate On Your Chimney

It is advised to place a cover plate on your chimney before setting up an electric insert to block water from coming inside. The cover plate will stop water from coming in if your chimney doesn’t include a rain cap.

2. Close And Seal The Damper

It is advised to close and seal the damper of your fireplace to avoid drafts and reduce warmth.

3. Install A Power Outlet

All Fireplace inserts plug into standard household power outlets. You’ll have to install a socket inside your current fireplace if you want to keep the region around your fireplace free of dangling cords.

We suggest you hire a licensed electrician to do this.

4. Insert The Firebox Into Your Fireplace

Simply slide the firebox within the opening of your fireplace. Then center, and level it.

You may have to settle the leveling screws if they are available with your electric insert brand.

Some inserts include tie-down brackets.

You will have to connect to the fireplace floor and the back of the insert on both sides to protect your insert from tipping.

5. Attach The Trim Or The Frame

The last step is to connected the frame or the trim that will reduce the gaps between the insert and fireplace opening walls.

Some insert include glass frames, other metal trim. You can even use your custom trim.

Well, that’s it.  Easy huh?

In this guide, we covered the basic 5-step procedure of installing an electric fireplace insert into an already-installed fireplace.

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