Best Electric Fireplace 2022: Top 15 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Electric Fireplace 2022: Top 15 Reviews & Buying Guide Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Are You Thinking About Buying an Electric Fireplace for Your Home?

You’ve come to the right place.

Electric fireplaces enjoy many advantages over traditional wood and gas-burning fireplaces.

They don’t consume fuel, they don’t produce smoke, they use less energy, and they can produce a wide variety of visual effects.

The problem is, there are so many brands and types of electric fireplaces for sale these days – and prices are all over the map.

Finding the best electric fireplace for your home, your style, and your unique installation requirement can be quite challenging.

In this in-depth buying guide, I’ll review the best electric fireplaces you can buy online in 4 different categories. Whether you need an electric fireplace for a new home or a remodeling project, I’ll help you find the best one for your needs and budget.

I’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the best electric fireplace, how to install it yourself, and how to maintain it (hint: they require almost no maintenance).

What’s In This Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

Best Electric Fireplaces Sold Online

I’ve grouped my top picks into four categories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.  All of the units reviewed on this page can be purchased online and shipped directly to your home.

Click on the category below to see the best-rated electric fireplaces.

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Best Wall-Mount Electric Fireplaces

ProductAward & RatingDimensionsEmbers WarrantySee Price
Dimplex Prism 50”
Best overall
Touchstone 80004 Sideline
Best 50 inch
Logs +
Napoleon NEFL60FH Allure
Best modern style
3G Plus 50”
Best budget
CrystalsNot specified

PuraFlame Alice 50”
Best with thermostat
Logs +

What To Look For In a Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace

Wall-mount electric fireplaces are great for installing in modern homes that lack an old fireplace. These types of fireplaces are designed to be recessed into the wall for a clean look.

Unlike a fireplace insert that you can sometimes install yourself, you’ll need a professional to install almost every wall-mount electric fireplace.

This is because you’ll need to cut a hole in the wall to install the fireplace.

Additionally, most wall-mount electric fireplaces look better when hard-wired, something that only a licensed pro should handle.

One of the most important things to consider when buying a wall-mount electric fireplace is its size. These fireplaces tend to be wider than fireplace inserts with some measuring 70”—the smallest measure around 35” long.

Also, you need to check the depth of each unit to get an idea of how much space you need to make in the wall to flush-mount it.

Most electric fireplaces have a contemporary design. Often the flames and ember bed are designed with modern/futuristic effects. But you can also find a few with the more traditional yellow flame effects and faux logs.

If you are not sure which style is perfect for your home, get a versatile electric fireplace with multiple flame effect settings. Some models also give you the option of using crystals or faux logs for the ember bed.

Finally, decide whether you want an electric fireplace with heat or no heat. If you want one with supplemental heat, make sure you find one with adequate heating capacity for the room.

Here are our top picks for wall-mounted electric fireplaces:

1. Best Overall: Dimplex Prism

Best Electric Fireplace

The Dimplex Prism is a contemporary 50” wall-mount electric fireplace with an integrated fan-forced heater.

Installation Options

You can plug it into a standard 120V outlet or get an electrician to hardwire it into a dedicated circuit.

You can recess it into the wall such that it sits flush or just hang it if you don’t want to make a hole in the wall (ideal for rented apartments).

The design is sleek, modern, and minimalist. It looks great however you decide to install it. The black trim and glass front looks especially amazing even with the flame and ember effects turned off.

Note: If you want a bigger or smaller wall mount, the Dimplex Prism is also available in 74” and 34” versions.

Flame Effects

Best Electric Fireplace

Talking of flame effects, Dimplex uses patented 3D LED technology to create an ultra-realistic look. The flames flicker and dance about like it’s a real fire. It also comes with an acrylic ember bed that sparkles and glows as the diamond-shaped pieces reflect light.

If you don’t like the default yellowish flame effects, you can cycle through other color options using the included remote control. You can also change the color of the ember bed.

The remote control also lets you change the brightness between L (low) and H (high).

Supplemental Heat

Best Electric Fireplace

The Dimplex Prism comes with a fan-forced heater with a capacity of 4,198 BTU. That’s about enough for a 400 sqft room.

There are three main heat settings: high, low, and off. If you want more precise control, use the thermostat + and – buttons to set a specific temperature.

Once the heater gets to the right temperature, it cycles on and off to maintain it.

You can also completely disable the heat function, leaving only the flame effects. The opposite is also possible: turn on the heat function without the flame and ember effects.

This lets you enjoy the fireplace through all seasons.


  • Great design and realistic flame effects.
  • Multiple flame and ember effects options.
  • Supplemental heat with versatile settings.
  • Flexible installation options – plugged in/hardwired, wall-mounted/recessed.


  • The heater is only ideal for small and mid-size rooms of up to 400 square feet.


  • Dimensions: 19.5″ height x 50.25″ width x 7″ depth
  • Installation: plugged in or hard wired
  • Timer: yes (30mins to 8 hours)
  • Remote control: yes
  • Supplemental heat: yes (4,198 BTUs)
  • Warranty: 2 years

2. Best 50 Inch Wall Mount: Touchstone Sideline

Best Electric Fireplace

This Touchstone wall-mount electric fireplace is 50” wide (though there are several other sizes available ranging from 36” to 100”) and comes with an integrated heater.

Installation Options

The Touchstone fireplace is rated at 120V and draws a maximum current of 12 amps. So you can safely plug it in a standard outlet (but make sure the total draw on the circuit is not too high).

But for a cleaner look, I recommend hardwiring it.

The best way to install this fireplace is by recessing it into the wall. But if you cannot or don’t want to make a hole in the wall, you can also mount it on the surface.

For installation purposes, the fireplace measures 50.4 inches wide, 5.5 inches deep, and 21.5 inches high.

Flame Effects

Which fireplace look do you want? Contemporary or traditional?

With the Touchstone fireplace, you can have both. It comes with two options for the ember bed: glass crystals for those who want a cool modern look and faux logs for those who prefer a more traditional style.

Many customers preferred the logs. They look very realistic and create a cozy feel. But I recommend trying both to see which one feels and looks best for your home.

As for the flames, you have five style options to choose from using the included remote control. You can opt for traditional-style mellow flames that are yellow or switch to a more contemporary blue flame effect and several others in between.

You can also change the flame intensity from a raging blaze to a slow-burning fire.

Supplemental Heat

The Touchstone wall-recessed electric fireplace comes with an integrated fan-forced heater. It has a capacity of 5,118 BTUs meaning it is good enough for rooms up to 400 square feet.

There are no thermostat settings. You can only choose between high and low heat.

If it’s too hot outside, you can turn the heat off completely and just leave the flame effects on. This is great for year-round use.


  • Affordable – comes with plenty of features for a great price.
  • Includes heater for small and mid-size rooms.
  • Year-round use. You can use it with the heat on or off.
  • Versatile installation options – plugged in or hardwired, recessed, or mounted, with faux logs or crystals.


  • The heater is ineffective in large rooms. If you are planning to use it in a room bigger than 400 square feet, get it only for the aesthetics.


  • Dimensions: 50.4” wide x 5.5” deep x 21.5” high
  • Installation: plugged in or hard wired
  • Timer: yes (30mins to 7.5 hours)
  • Remote control: yes
  • Supplemental heat: yes (5,118 BTUs)
  • Warranty: 1 year

3. Best Modern Style Wall Mount: Napoleon NEFL60FH Allure Linear 60”

Best Electric Fireplace

The Napoleon 60” electric fireplace can be recessed into the wall or mounted merely on it. It has a sleek modern design with easy-to-use touchscreen controls.

A 5,000 BTU integrated heater provides supplemental heat for rooms of up to 400 square feet.

Installation Options

With a 5,000 BTU heater, you don’t need to hardwire the Napoleon electric fireplace. A standard 120V outlet is safe enough. It’s best if it is on a dedicated circuit to avoid overloading.

To avoid the messy look of a black wire coming down the wall, the fireplace comes with a paintable cord cover.

If you’d rather not have a cord on the wall, you can also get an electrician to hardwire it to a dedicated circuit.

The fireplace looks best when recessed into the wall. But there’s no reason you also cannot just mount it on the wall if that’s more convenient for you.

With a width of just 5”, it doesn’t jut out awkwardly. It looks just as sleek as a recessed fireplace.

Note: There are several other size options available, including 32”, 50” and 100”.

Flame Effects

Best Electric Fireplace

The ember bed consists of clear cube pieces. They create a more contemporary look compared to faux logs.

As for the flames, you have three style options: yellow, blue, or a combination of both. All the styles look very realistic.

You can also vary flame intensity depending on the mood.

All these controls are accessible via the included remote control or the touchscreen controls on the fireplace.

The fireplace uses high-intensity LED lights that don’t fade out during the day. So you can enjoy the cozy feel of the flames at any time day and night.

Supplemental Heat

The 5,000 BTU heater is only ideal for small and midsize rooms of up to 400 square feet. So if you are planning to install the fireplace in a larger room, get it for the looks, not the heat.

There are only three settings for temperature: low, medium, and high. You cannot set a specific figure.

If you don’t need the warmth, you can turn off the heat and just leave the flames on. This is handy during warm seasons.


  • Great modern design and realistic flame effects.
  • Two flame color options.
  • Supplemental heat.
  • Versatile installation options.


  • The heater is not ideal for large rooms.


  • Dimensions:60” wide x 5” deep x 21.5” high
  • Installation: plugged in or hard wired
  • Timer: yes
  • Remote control: yes
  • Supplemental heat: yes (5,000 BTUs)

4. Best Budget Wall Mount: 3G Plus 50” 

Best Electric Fireplace

This 50” wall mounted electric fireplace is a good choice if you are looking for something a bit cheaper.

You’ll love the sleek modern and the super realistic flame effects. The fan-forced heater provides cozy warmth for small and mid-size rooms.

Installation Options

Best Electric Fireplace

Like all the other wall-mounted electric fireplaces on this list, this one provides two installation options: plug-in or hardwired.

It’ll depend on your situation and preferences.

If you don’t want a cord running on the wall, hardwiring it is the best choice. If you don’t want to hire a pro, you can surface-mount it and then plug it into the nearest outlet.

Whichever you choose, make sure the circuit can handle the current needs. A dedicated circuit is best.

The dimensions are 50” L X 4.50” W X 19.20” H.

Flame Effects

Best Electric Fireplace

The 3G Plus fireplace uses crystals in the ember bed, which gives it a more modern feel compared to fireplaces that use logs.

But if you want a traditional look, you can set the flames to a mellow yellow color. If you’d rather go all the way with the modern styling, there’s also the option of setting the flame color to blue.

If you cannot decide between the two, there’s also an effect that combines both colors.

Supplemental Heat

The 3G Plus provides two heater options: low and high. The low setting is rated at 750W while the high is rated at 1500W.

Both are ideal for small and mid-sized rooms of up to 400 square feet.

You can also completely turn off the heater without having to switch off the flame effects as well. This is handy during hot weather when you don’t need any extra warmth.


  • Affordable.
  • Supplemental heat with independent controls for year-round use.
  • Multiple installation options.
  • Three flame effect settings.


  • Supplemental heat is adequate for small and medium-sized spaces only.


  • Dimensions: 50” wide x 4.5” deep x 19.2” high
  • Installation: plugged in or hard wired
  • Timer: yes
  • Remote control: yes
  • Supplemental heat: yes (750W/1500W – for up to 400 square feet)

5. Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace with Thermostat: PuraFlame Alice 50″

Best Electric Fireplace

This PuraFlame recessed electric fireplace comes with four flame effect settings, an option between crystals or logs for the ember bed, and an integrated fan heater for rooms up to 400 square feet.

Notably, the heater includes a thermostat for finer temperature control.

Installation Options

Best Electric Fireplace

You can plug it in or hardwire it, depending on what you prefer.

However, since the PuraFlame Alice 50″ electric fireplace is designed for recessed installation only, hardwiring makes more sense.

There’s no need to go to the trouble of recessing it only to have a visible wire snaking down the wall.

The heater vents are at the front, so you don’t have to worry about leaving any clearance at the back or on the sides.

Flame Effects

Best Electric Fireplace

The package comes with both crystals and faux logs. It’s up to you which ones you want to use.

The crystals create a cool modern style ember bed with a lot of sparkles as they reflect light. The logs are ideal if you want the traditional feel and look of a wood fireplace.

You also have four options when it comes to the flames, which look very realistic, by the way.

You can set them to a cozy yellow effect, mix the yellow with some blue highlights, mix the yellow flames with even brighter blue flames for a more balanced look, or go full blue for a more modern effect.

All these settings are accessible on the remote control as well as the control panel on the fireplace.

Supplemental Heat

Similar to the 3G Plus fireplace, the PuraFlame also has two heat levels: a low setting rated at 750W and a high setting rated at 1500W.

Both settings can comfortably warm a space up to 400 square feet. 

You can also set a specific temperature between 60 and 84 degrees and the integrated thermostat will maintain it.

As with other heater-integrated fireplaces, you can turn off the heat independently and just leave the flames and embers. This allows comfortable year-round use.

For those who love to sleep to the heater’s warmth, there’s an auto switch-off timer for your convenience. You can set it to activate anywhere between 30 minutes and 9 hours.


  • Supplemental heat with separate controls (ideal for year-round use).
  • Precise thermostat temperature control.
  • Realistic flame effects with four styles to choose from.
  • Two ember bed options – crystals or faux logs.
  • Timer.


  • The heater is only useful in small and mid-size rooms.


  • Dimensions: 50” wide x 5.7” deep x 18” high
  • Installation: plugged in or hard wired
  • Timer: yes (30mins to 9hrs)
  • Remote control: yes
  • Supplemental heat: yes (750W/1500W – for up to 400 square feet)

Best Mantel Style and TV Stand Electric Fireplaces

ProductAward & RatingDimensionsMax TVHeaterRemote?Warranty
Real Flame 8030
Best overall
400 sqft
Yes1 year
Ameriwood Home Manchester
Best electric fireplace TV stand for large TVs
70”400 sqft
Yes1 year
MagikFlame Artemis
Best luxury
1,000 sqft
Yes3 years

Ameriwood Home Chicago

Best electric fireplace TV stand
50”400 sqft
No1 year

Ameriwood Home Overland

Best electric fireplace corner TV stand
50”400 sqft
Yes1 year


What to Look for in a Mantel Style/TV Stand Electric Fireplace

If you are looking for a traditional style electric fireplace but don’t have an existing fireplace to install an insert, a mantle-style electric fireplace is the best choice.

It comes complete with the electric fireplace insert as well as a furniture-grade mantle or a TV stand to complete the cozy traditional look.

You don’t have to insert or recess a mantle style fireplace anywhere. It can be set up freestanding anywhere on the floor.

It requires a bit of time to assemble the mantel, but it’s something you can do yourself. You don’t have to hire a pro unless you plan to hardwire it into a circuit (most can be plugged into a standard outlet, and it’s easy to hide the cord).

When you are shopping for a mantle style fireplace, choose a style that will look great in your home.

The mantle is usually made from wood or MDF. Most models will add extra touches such as columns on either side, traditional style trimming, and patterned grooves.

Most are finished in a shade of brown, but you can also get white and black ones if you prefer a more modern look.

Don’t forget to check the size and make sure it will fit in your home.

Most mantel-style fireplaces are around 50” wide. But there are also smaller ones that measure 40” wide and extra-large ones that are up to 70” wide.

Check whether the mantle can also double up as a TV stand. If it can, check the maximum TV size and weight it can support.

Also, check the amount of storage that you’ll get. We love mantle style electric fireplaces that include multiple shelves to store your media equipment, books, and decorative items like vases and picture frames.

If you are looking for a fireplace with a heater, make sure the heater will cover the room adequately. Most electric fireplaces with heaters are only ideal for small and mid-size rooms.

As for prices, they range from $400 to $1,500 depending on size, style, features, and heater capacity.

Here are the best mantle style and TV stand electric fireplaces you can buy online.

1. Best Overall: Real Flame 8030E-WW Maxwell Grand

Best Electric Fireplace

This is a fairly large (57.6” wide) mantle fireplace that works great as a centerpiece in any room.

The whitewash mantel is made from wood and veneered MDF. It has a nice vintage feel. The insert is surrounded by faux black-washed marble that contrasts nicely with the white mantel.

Delicate patterns and details around the mantel give it an authentic look.

The insert itself comes with realistic faux logs and vibrant flames.

Installation and Setup

Most of the work is in putting together the mantel. The insert comes already assembled. You’ll just need to insert it into the mantel once you are done assembling the different pieces.

Customers say it took them about an hour to finish setting it up.

This fireplace can be safely plugged into a standard 110/120V outlet. You don’t have to worry about hiring a pro to hardwire it.

But I recommend using an outlet on a dedicated circuit to avoid any overloads.

Flame Effects

The flames and embers are incredibly realistic. The faux logs glow just like real logs, and the yellow flames dance and flicker about just like in a wood fireplace.

There are no flame effect options like color and intensity. The only thing you can change is the brightness using the remote control.

Supplemental Heat

The infrared heater works very quietly since it doesn’t use a fan to spread the warmth.

At 5100 BTUs, it can comfortably warm a space of up to 400 square feet. A programmable thermostat lets you set your preferred temperature.

You can also turn off the heat completely and just enjoy the flames.


  • Great design that blends in well in most home decors.
  • The ultra-quiet infrared heater provides warmth for small and mid-size rooms.
  • Realistic logs and flames.
  • Fairly easy DIY installation.


  • No flame effect settings.
  • Heater is not ideal for large rooms.


  • Dimensions:57.6” wide x 15” deep x 42.2” high
  • Installation: plug-in
  • Timer: yes
  • Remote control: yes
  • Supplemental heat: yes (5,100 BTUs)

2. Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand for Large TVs: Ameriwood Home Manchester

best electric fireplace for heat

If you are looking for a mantle style electric fireplace that also doubles up as a stand for a large TV, we recommend Ameriwood Home Manchester.

This stand is made from particleboard and MDF and is available in three modern finishes: black, white, and grey. 

The 23” wide electric insert is set into the middle cabinet sandwiched between two open shelved cabinets on either side. 

The Manchester TV stand can support a total weight of up to 135lbs and fits televisions as wide as 70 inches. 

Installation and Setup 

Assembling the TV stand is easy, but it takes time – about 2 to 3 hours. When fully assembled, the TV stand is 65.2” W x 27.9” H x 19.8” D, so make sure you have adequate space for it. 

The center cabinet where the TV stands are about 29” wide. Which’s wide enough for the base of a TV. It should also fit most soundbars. The side cabinets are each 18” wide. 

The center cabinet doesn’t have any shelving, so you’ll have to store your media equipment on the side cabinets. Both have slots at the rear where you can pass cables. 

Shelves on the side cabinets are height-adjustable to fit your storage needs. 

The electric insert plugs into a standard outlet, so no need to get a pro to hardwire it. 

Flame Effects

best electric fireplace brands

The flames and logs look very realistic and have a cozy traditional feel. 

You cannot change the flame color, but you can adjust brightness. You can dim the flames to the point where only the embers are glowing, or turn the brightness up to get a roaring fire effect. 

Supplemental Heat

The Ameriwood Home Manchester electric fireplace TV stand comes with a 1500W room heater. It puts out about 5,100 BTUs of heat, enough to warm spaces up to 400 square feet. 

Using the included remote control, you can adjust the thermostat between 64 and 82 degrees. You can also set an auto-off timer or turn off the heat and leave only the flames (ideal for hot days). 


  • Beautiful modern style. 
  • Plenty of storage space in the side cabinets. 
  • Realistic electric fireplace insert. 
  • Thermostat heat control. 
  • Includes remote control. 


  • Takes time to assemble. 


  • Dimensions: 65.2”W x 27.9”H x 19.8”D
  • Installation: Plug-in
  • Timer: Yes
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Supplemental heat: Yes (up to 5,100 BTUs)

3. Best Luxury Mantle Style: MagikFlame Artemis Mantel w/ Log Sounds

Best Electric Fireplace

If you are looking for a luxury mantel style fireplace, this unit by MagikFlame is a great choice.

It’s pricey (goes for around $3,000), but it comes loaded with plenty of features, super realistic flames, crackling sounds, and a wide range of flame effect options to choose from.

That’s not to mention the handmade mantel, which is made from real birch wood and finished in a stylish white color.

You can also get the mantel in cherry wood or antique ivory finish.

That’s not all. It also has Bluetooth connectivity. Once you download the free companion app and link your phone to the fireplace, you can control most of the features from your smartphone.

Installation and Setup

Despite the price tag, the magic flame is very easy to install. There’s no need to hardwire it; just plug it into a standard 110V outlet.

The only bit of work involved in assembling the mantle. It should take you about 30 minutes. The insert itself comes ready to use.

If you want to control the fireplace from your phone, you’ll need to download the free app (Android only) and then connect your smartphone to the fireplace via Bluetooth.

For installation purposes, the fireplace measures 52” wide, 43” high and 15” deep.

Flame Effects

The MagikFlame fireplace uses patented holographic technology and high definition footage of actual burning logs to create an ultra-realistic effect.

The faux logs are set in a grate, giving the fireplace a nice traditional feel.

With 26 flame options to choose from, this is the most versatile electric fireplace we have ever reviewed.

You can set the flame to yellow to simulate a wood fire or select one with blue hints to imitate a gas flame. There’s a style for every occasion and mood.

To top it off, the fireplace comes with integrated sounds. The main sound is the crackle of burning logs, which is a recording of actual burning logs.

You can also select other sound effects, including crashing ocean waves, rain, and chirping birds, among others.

All settings and features are accessible on the remote control, the touchscreen on the fireplace, and the smartphone app.

Supplemental Heat

The MagikFlame comes with a 4,600BTU quartz infrared heater, which the company says can warm a space of up to 1,200 square feet.

But if you want to get toasty, use it in a smaller room (around 400-600 square feet).

Note that you can enjoy the flames with or without the heat for comfortable all-season use.


  • Plenty of premium features, including Bluetooth and sound effects.
  • Great looking mantle.
  • Realistic logs and flames.
  • Integrated heater.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Pricey


  • Dimensions:52” wide x 15” deep x 43” high
  • Installation: plug-in
  • Timer: yes
  • Remote control: yes
  • Bluetooth control via a smartphone app
  • Supplemental heat: yes (4,600 BTUs)
  • Warranty: 3 years

4. Best TV Stand: Ameriwood Home Chicago

Best Electric Fireplace

This charming TV stand comes in three colors: black, espresso, and natural. When fully assembled, it measures 47” wide, 15” deep and 31” high.

The insert itself is much smaller. It measures just 18” wide and fits perfectly into an allotted space between two glass door shelves. It comes with a heater for small and mid-size rooms.

The TV stand is great for small apartments, dens, bedrooms, and office spaces.

Installation and Setup

As I mentioned, you’ll need about an hour to assemble the entire TV stand. But the process isn’t that hard. The instructions are easy to follow, and all the parts are well-labeled.

The insert itself requires no assembling. Just slide it into its space and plug it into a standard outlet.

When fully assembled, the TV stand feels sturdy. The manufacturer says it can safely hold the weight of a 50” TV. The total weight limit for the top surface is 70lbs.

There’s also extra storage space in the two glass-door shelves where you can store books and DVDs as well as an open shelf at the top where you can place your cable box.

Flame Effects

Best Electric Fireplace

The fireplace insert uses LED light and faux logs to create the appearance of a real fireplace. It looks very realistic.

But there are no settings for flame effects like intensity and color.

Supplemental Heat

The fan-forced heater is ideal for spaces up to 400 square feet. But there’s no thermostat or multiple heat levels. If the room gets uncomfortably warm, the only option is to turn off the heater.

Using the two switches on the insert, you can turn on the heat or flames separately. This allows you to enjoy the fireplace all through the year.


  • The TV stand looks great and feels sturdy.
  • Insert comes with a heater.
  • Separate heat and flame switches for year-round use.
  • Extra storage space.


  • It takes time to assemble.
  • No flame effect options, no heat settings, and no remote control.


  • Dimensions: 47.2” wide x 15.8” deep x 31.7” high
  • Installation: plug-in
  • Timer: no
  • Remote control: no
  • Supplemental heat: yes (for spaces up to 400 square feet)

5. Best Corner TV Stand: Ameriwood Home Overland

Best Electric Fireplace

This Ameriwood Home Overland TV stand is an excellent electric fireplace.

It’s roughly the same as the Chicago model reviewed above, except for design and aesthetics.

This fireplace is 5” wider, making it the better choice for larger rooms. It has an integrated fan-forced heater for spaces up to 400 square feet.

There are no color options for the TV stand. It comes in a traditional dark brown finish that the company calls Espresso.

Installation and Setup

The TV stand comes as a flat pack. You’ll need to assemble it.

The actual assembly process is not that difficult. The instructions are clear, and all the pieces you need are properly labeled.

Nevertheless, it takes about 2 hours to finish assembling the particleboard and laminated MDF TV stand.

Once you are done, slide the insert into its space and plug it in.

The manufacturer recommends placing a max 50” TV on the stand. The max weight limit is 55lbs.

There are a couple of open shelves on either side of the insert, as well as one at the top where you can put your cable box.

Flame Effects

Best Electric Fireplace

The flames and logs are not ultra-realistic like on some premium inserts, but they look real enough that your guests will probably think it’s an actual fireplace.

But there are no flame options. So hopefully you’ll like what you see since you cannot change it.

Supplemental Heat

The 4,700 BTU fan-forced heater is ideal for spaces of up to 400 square feet.

Unlike the other model above, this one comes with a thermostat. Once you set your preferred temperature, the heater will maintain it.

It also comes with a remote control where you can access all the settings and options.


  • Beautiful traditional styling.
  • Includes heater for small and mid-size rooms.
  • Fairly easy DIY assembly and setup.
  • Extra storage space.
  • Separate heat and flame switches for year-round use.


  • No flame effect options and no heat settings.
  • Assembly takes time.


  • Dimensions: 47.6” wide x 19.7” deep x 29.7” high
  • Installation: plug-in
  • Timer: yes
  • Remote control: yes
  • Supplemental heat: yes (for spaces up to 400 square feet)

Best Electric Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace InsertAward & RatingDimensionsHeaterThermostat Warranty
ClassicFlame 26”
Best Overall
27” W
9.5” D
17.7” H
400 sqft
Yes1 year
PuraFlame 30”
Best Traditional
31.8” W
8.7” D
24.6” H
400 sqft
Yes1 year
Comfort Glow
Best Log Insert
23” W
9” D
13” H
400 sqft
No1 year
Dimplex RBF36PWC Revillusion
Best for Large Rooms
37.3” W
12.1” D
31” H
1,000 sqft
Yes2 year parts
1 year svc


What to Look for in an Electric Fireplace Insert

Electric inserts are the most popular types of electric fireplaces. They are designed to be inserted into an existing fireplace with minimal modification.

You don’t need to install any fuel lines or ventilation. In most cases, you can install the insert yourself.

One of the most important things to look at when choosing an electric fireplace insert is the size. Make sure the dimensions of that particular model line up with the size of your empty fireplace.

It’s okay if it is slightly smaller. Most inserts come with trimming to hide any gaps. You can also DIY your trimming.

But it shouldn’t be bigger than the fireplace.

Also, check what kind of power setup the fireplace requires. Most inserts with a 1400W or 1500W heater can be plugged in. If the insert has a more powerful heater to cover large spaces, you’ll need to get it hardwired.

Regardless of the heater capacity, most homeowners prefer hardwiring because it hides away messy cords. You’ll need to hire a licensed electrician to wire it directly to a dedicated circuit.

Finally, consider the aesthetics. Do you want a traditional or modern insert? Would you like to be able to change flame color and intensity?

And as with any other type of electric fireplace, make sure the flames and logs look realistic.

Here are our most favorite electric fireplace inserts.

1. Best Overall: ClassicFlame 26” Infrared Quartz Fireplace Insert

Best Electric Fireplace

If you are looking for a compact size fireplace insert, get this one.

With a width of 26”, it will fit the smallest fireplaces. You can also insert it into one of the ClassicFlame mantels (sold separately), in a TV stand, or even recess it into the wall.

It uses traditional-style faux logs set on a grate. There are several flame effect options plus an infrared heater with a thermostat.

Installation and Setup

There are several places you can install the ClassicFlame fireplace insert.

If you have an existing fireplace, you can insert it there.

You can also recess it into the wall or insert it into a cabinet or TV stand.

If you decide to recess it into the wall, you may want to order the trim kit as well (sold separately).

Whichever option you choose, take measurements before ordering the fireplace to make sure it will fit.

You can also order one of ClassicFlame’s mantels to create a mantle style fireplace. This is handy if you don’t have an existing fireplace and don’t want to recess it into the wall.

As for power, this is a 115V plug-in insert. But for aesthetic purposes, you might want to ask a licensed electrician to hardwire it directly to the circuit.

Flame Effects  

Best Electric Fireplace

The ClassicFlame insert comes with a versatile range of flame effects to choose from.

There are three things you can change: flame speed, flame brightness, and flame color.

Each option has five settings.

So in total, you have 125 flame effect options. That’s way more than what you get even from expensive brands.

All the settings are accessible from the included remote control or the buttons on the control panel. Current settings are displayed on the screen of the fireplace.

Supplemental Heat

The insert comes with a 5,200 BTU infrared heater, which the company says can heat a space of up to 1,000 feet.

Most customers say the heat output is not that strong. If you want to get the most out of the heater, it’s best if you use it in a smaller room (400-600 square feet max).

Though it doesn’t feel as toasty as a fan-forced heater, it’s much quieter. This is great if the sound of a whirring fan distracts you from the ambiance of the fireplace.

The heater comes with a thermostat so you can set the precise temperature you prefer.

It’s also fitted with a Safer Plug, which continuously monitors the temperature to prevent overheating and fire hazards.


  • Fairly easy plug-in installation.
  • Silent infrared heater.
  • Versatile flame effect options.


  • The heater works best in small and medium-sized rooms. Not ideal for large spaces.


  • Dimensions: 27” wide x 9.5” deep x 17.7” high
  • Installation:plug-in
  • Timer: yes (30mins to 9hrs)
  • Remote control: yes
  • Supplemental heat: yes (5,200 BTUs)
  • Warranty: 1 year

2. Best Traditional Style: PuraFlame 30” Western Electric Fireplace Insert

Best Electric Fireplace

This is another great option if you are looking for a fireplace insert that is affordable and has a traditional style.

The PuraFlame Western electric fireplace insert uses resin logs to create an incredibly realistic appearance of a real fireplace complete with a grate and faux ember bed.

With the integrated heater turned on, it feels like you have an actual fireplace in the room. The only thing missing is the sound of logs burning and crackling.

Installation and Setup

Best Electric Fireplace

If you want, you can hardwire the insert to a dedicated circuit. But since the heater is rated at just 1500W, a standard socket will do. Just make sure the socket is not on a circuit that connects to other appliances. This could cause an overload and blow a fuse.

The power cord is quite long (6 feet), so you should have no trouble finding a suitable outlet.

As for the insert itself, it’s designed for use in an existing fireplace. But there’s no reason you cannot recess it into cabinetry or mantle as long as there’s enough space.

Flame Effects

Best Electric Fireplace

The resin logs look very realistic, burning and glowing like real logs. The effect is heightened by the metal grate and faux ember bed under the logs.

The yellowish flames also look very real. There are settings to change flame color, intensity, and brightness.

The entire insert has a cozy traditional feel thanks to the black frame on the outside and the faux brick interior. With the flames turned on, it looks just like a real fireplace.

Supplemental Heat

The fan-forced heater can be set to one of two heat levels: 750W for gentle warmth and 1500W when you need more warmth. Both are meant for warming spaces of up to 400 square feet.

Also, it comes with a thermostat that has nine heat settings. Once the heater reaches the set temperature, it cycles between on and off to maintain it.

Like most heater-integrated fireplace inserts, the PuraFlame Western is equipped with an overheat protection mechanism.


  • Affordable.
  • Realistic resin logs and ember bed.
  • Warm traditional design with black exterior and faux brick interior.
  • It provides supplemental heat.
  • Easy plug-in installation.


  • The heater doesn’t work well in large spaces of more than 400 sq. Ft.


  • Dimensions:31.8” wide x 8.7” deep x 24.6” high
  • Installation:plug-in
  • Timer: yes
  • Remote control: yes
  • Supplemental heat: yes (for spaces up to 400 square feet)

3. Best Electric Log Insert: Comfort Glow Electric Log Set 

best looking electric fireplace

If you love the look of an open hearth wood fireplace, we recommend an electric log insert like this one from Comfort Glow

Unlike closed firebox inserts, log inserts feature a realistic grate with faux logs set on it. There is no glass front so it feels like you have an open fireplace. 

The Comfort Glow log insert comes complete with a built-in heater, so you can enjoy the full effect of a wood-burning fireplace. 

Installation and Setup 

The Comfort Glow log set simply slides into your existing fireplace and plugs into a standard outlet – that’s a quick 10 minutes or less setup. 

To make sure the log set will fit in your fireplace, here are its dimensions: 23” W x 13” H x 9” D. 

Flame Effects

The Comfort Glow log insert easily fools guests into thinking it is a real fireplace. The realistic flames dance from between and behind the glowing logs and embers. 

Using the included remote control, you can adjust the flame brightness. But you cannot change flame color. 

Supplemental Heat

The 4,600 BTU heater provides supplemental heating for rooms up to 400 square feet in size. The built-in heater doesn’t have a thermostat, so it cannot maintain a specific temperature. 

Instead, you can only select a heating level. 

Note that the flames and heater have separate controls, so you can turn off the heat and just enjoy the flames. This is handy on warm days when you don’t need the heat. 


  • Affordable. 
  • Has the traditional and cozy look of an open fireplace. 
  • Easy setup.
  • Integrated fireplace. 
  • Adjustable flame and heat settings. 


  • The heater has no thermostat and timer. 
  • Doesn’t put out a lot of heat – not suitable for large rooms. 


  • Dimensions: 23”W x 13”H x 9”D
  • Installation: Plug-in
  • Timer: No
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Supplemental heat: Yes (4,600 BTUs for spaces up to 400sf) 

4. Best for Large Rooms: Dimplex RBF36PWC Revillusion

best recessed electric fireplace

No plug-in electric fireplace provides more heat than 5100 BTUs, which is enough to heat a 400 sq ft room. This is because they are limited to 1500 watts.

To warm a larger room than that, you have to hardwire the insert to a 230V circuit. 

If you want to heat a larger room or small apartment, we recommend the built-in Dimplex RBF36PWC Revillusion electric firebox insert. 

The heater in the Revillusion electric fireplace put out almost 9,000 BTUs, enough to heat a large room or multiple rooms. 

Installation and Setup 

You’ll have to call a pro to hardwire the firebox for you if you want the full heat output. If you prefer to plug it in, you’ll need to order the plug kit. Note that plugging it into a standard outlet halves heat output to ensure safe operation. 

The firebox measures 37.3” wide, 31” high, and 12.1” deep. Check to make sure it’ll fit in your fireplace.

The Dimplex Revillusion electric fireplace comes with remote control for adjusting flame effects, surrounding lighting, and heat. 

Flame Effects

While the flames are not as realistic as those of Dimplex Opti Myst electric fireplaces, they look pretty real, especially from a distance. They provide the same ambiance as a real fire. 

The logs, which are cast from actual hardwood, also look very real. The glowing logs are set on a grate with burning embers underneath. 

To complete the traditional aesthetic, the interior of the firebox has a weathered concrete aesthetic. It even has soot markings. 

We also love the surrounding mood lighting. It enhances the overall look of the interior, flames, and logs. You can adjust the mood lighting through three modes. 

Something else you can adjust is flame brightness. You can make the flames brighter during the day for better visibility and dimmer at night. You also have the option of activating a built-in ambient light sensor. It’ll automatically adjust the brightness based on the amount of ambient light in the room. 

You can also adjust the flame colors between red and blue. 

Supplemental Heat

When hardwired to a 240V circuit, the built-in heater has an output of 2,575W, which equates to 8,800 BTUs of heat. 

That’s enough for a large room, such as an open style living area, or multiple smaller rooms. 

As we mentioned, you can plug it in if you don’t want the hassle of hardwiring. You’ll need to order a plug kit separately. When plugged into a 120V outlet, heat output is a lower 1,440W or 4,400 BTUs. 

The heater comes with a thermostat. Using the remote control, you can adjust room temperature between 41 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a pretty wide range. 


  • High heat output. 
  • Thermostat control with a wide temperature range. 
  • Realistic flames, logs, and interior. 
  • Includes mood lighting. 
  • Remote control with plenty of options for flames, heat, and mood lighting. 


  • Expensive. 
  • Requires professional installation. 


  • Dimensions: 37.3”W x 31”H x 12.1”D
  • Installation: Hardwired or Plug-in (requires separate plugin kit)
  • Timer: Yes
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Supplemental heat: Yes (8800 BTUs at 240V, 4400 BTUs at 120V) 

Best Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stoves

ProductAward & RatingDimensionsHeaterRemote ThermostatWarranty
Comfort Zone CZFP4
Best w/ Thermostat
400 sqft
NoYes1 year
Duraflame 3D
Best Overall
400 sqft
YesYes1 year
Best Looking
400 sqft


What to Look for in a Free-Standing Electric Fireplace

One common aspect of the fireplaces I’ve reviewed so far is they have to be installed in some way – in a wall, on a mantle, on TV stand, or in an old fireplace.

However, there are also free-standing electric fireplaces that don’t need another piece of furniture to function.

Freestanding electric fireplaces can be laid anywhere on the floor and plugged into an outlet.  Super-easy.

Most free-standing fireplaces resemble the small cozy stoves you see in RVs and tiny homes.

With the realistic flames and logs, modern freestanding units look a lot like real wood-burning stoves.

When you are buying a free-standing electric fireplace, make sure you have enough space for it in the room. Measure the size of the space you have available and look for a fireplace that will fit.

There are many different styles of freestanding electric fireplaces. Most look like vintage stoves complete with claw feet and a beautiful metal frame.

Don’t forget to check other essentials like whether there’s a heater, how powerful it is, and whether you can change the heater settings and flame effects.

Here are some top-selling free-standing electric fireplaces we highly recommend. All share a stove-style design and include integrated heaters.

1. Best Electric Fireplace Stove with Thermostat: Comfort Zone Electric “Stove Style” Fireplace Heater

Best Electric Fireplace

This Comfort Zone Electric Stove is more expensive than most freestanding models sold.

But it looks amazing. It has a beautiful vintage finish that works with almost any décor. Stylish touches like the ring handle at the front, the pillars on the sides, and the contoured feet add to a cozy and realistic feel.

The fireplace also functions as a space heater (400 square feet max), but you can enjoy the flames without the heat.

Installation and Setup

This is a plug-in electric fireplace. All you need to do is find a suitable place for it in the room and plug it in.

No installation needed.

Because the surface doesn’t get hot, you can place the fireplace anywhere without worrying that your kids or pet will touch it.

Flame Effects

The flames and logs look pretty good. But I think the flame could use a bit more blue and yellow hues (it looks a bit too red).

There are no flame effect options.

Supplemental Heat

The integrated heater is good for spaces up to 400 square feet.

It is a fan-forced heater, so don’t expect it to be completely silent. But it’s not very noisy, either. Just a low hum that’s barely audible over the TV and normal conversation.

There are two heat settings: 750W for gentle heating and 1500W for added warmth. There’s also an adjustable thermostat dial you can use to keep the room at a specific comfortable temperature.


  • Beautiful colonial-style design.
  • Integrated heater for spaces up to 400 square feet.
  • Two heat settings.
  • Easy plug-in installation.


  • Limited flame and heat settings.
  • No remote control.


  • Dimensions: 17” wide x 12” deep x 22” high
  • Installation:plug-in
  • Timer: no
  • Remote control: no
  • Supplemental heat: yes (for spaces up to 400 square feet)

2. Best Overall: Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

best looking electric fireplace

The Duraflame 3D infrared electric fireplace stove is one of the most popular freestanding electric fireplaces. 

Its compact and cozy style makes it a great addition to any room, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or home office. It’s also a great choice for apartments, as it takes up little space and plugs into a standard outlet.

Installation and Setup 

There’s no installation required. The Duraflame 3D requires just a quick 5-minute assembly and plugs into a standard outlet. There’s no mounting, recessing or hardwiring needed. 

In terms of size, the Duraflame 3D electric fireplace stove is only two feet wide and slightly over 1 foot deep. It’s perfect for small spaces that don’t have room for a big mantle style fireplace. 

Duraflame 3D is available in several styles including black, navy, grey and cream. So you can get one that matches your style and decor. Some of the options even include a crackler for a more realistic wood stove effect. 

The Duraflame 3D stove comes with a remote control to adjust the heat and flame effects. 

Flame Effects

The stove has a 3D flame effect that makes it appear as if the flames are coming from within and behind the logs, just like a real fire would. 

Combined with the glowing and charred faux logs, the whole setup looks very realistic. 

One design feature we absolutely love is the 3-sided viewing. There’s glass on the front and sides of the stove, allowing you to view the flames no matter where you are seated. Everyone in the room can enjoy the cozy ambiance. 

As I mentioned, you can opt for an option that comes with a crackler. It’s a small device that produces a wood crackling sound effect. 

Supplemental Heat 

The Duraflame 3D electric fireplace stove has a standard 1500W heater. But it’s an infrared heater, not a fan-forced one like in most electric fireplaces. It has two benefits. 

One, the infrared heater warms a larger area than a fan-forced heater does. The manufacturer claims coverage of 1000 square feet, though many customers say it works best in a 600-800sf or less space. 

Secondly, it doesn’t dry out the air as a fan-forced heater does. 

Another great thing about the Duraflame 3D heater is that it offers thermostatic temperature control. Instead of basic 750/1500W heat levels, you can set a specific temperature between 62°F and 82°F. 


  • Beautiful design with 3-sided viewing.
  • Realistic flames and logs. 
  • Powerful infrared heater. 
  • Thermostatic temperature control. 
  • Compact design that’s great for small spaces. 


  • A bit noisy (though it’s an infrared heater, it still uses a fan to spread the heat). 
  • Doesn’t heat the advertised 1000 square feet – more suited to a max 600-800sf space.  


  • Dimensions: 24”W x 13”D x 23.4”H
  • Installation: Plug-in 
  • Supplemental heat: Yes (1500W infrared heater for spaces up to 1000sf) 
  • Thermostat: Yes
  • Timer: Yes
  • Remote control: Yes 
  • Warranty: 1 year 

3. Best-Looking: XBeauty Electric Fireplace Stove

best wall mounted electric fireplace

I think electric fireplace stoves are the best looking and coziest types of electric fireplaces.

One of the most beautiful stoves is this double-door design from Xbeauty

It’s a great way to heat up a room while adding a cozy centerpiece. 

And because it’s only 23.6” wide, it’s perfect for small spaces including apartments. 

Installation and Setup

Assembling the Xbeauty stove is super easy and quick. All you need to do is a screw in the legs and plug it into a standard outlet.

Note that the Xbeauty electric fireplace stove doesn’t come with remote control, but there are knobs and switches on the stove to control heat and flames. 

Flame Effects

Like most electric stoves, the fake flames will be obvious when you get really close. But from a distance, the flames and logs look very real. Combined with the realistic stove design, it’s like having an actual wood-burning stove in the room. 

Similar to the Duraflame 3D stove, the Xbeauty stove has three viewing windows: the beautiful double glass doors at the front and the glass panels on the sides. Everyone in the room can see the flames. 

Using controls on the stove, you can adjust the brightness of the flames and logs, making the stove brighter during the day and dimmer at night. You’ll especially appreciate the ability to dim it if you plan to place the stove in your bedroom. You can reduce brightness to a more sleep-friendly level. 

By the way, you can also turn off the heater and leave just the flames on. This is handy one warmer day and nights when you don’t need the heat. 

Supplemental Heat

best looking electric fireplace

The Xbeauty electric fireplace stove comes with an infrared heater with a 1500W output. The manufacturer recommends it for rooms up to 400sf, though it can also warm slightly bigger spaces up to around 600sf. 

There are two heat controls. One consists of two switches. Turn on one switch for power-saving 750W output. Turn on both heat switches to enjoy the maximum 1500W output for fast heating. 

There’s also a thermostat knob, though it doesn’t have specific temperature markings. So you have to experiment with where to position the knob for the perfect amount of heating. 


  • Beautiful design. 
  • Infrared heater with thermostat control. 
  • Three viewing windows. 
  • Easy to set up. 


  • No remote control. 
  • No timer. 


  • Dimensions: 23.6”W x 12.6”D x 22.5”H
  • Installation: Plug-in 
  • Supplemental heat: Yes (1500W infrared heater for spaces up to 400sf) 
  • Thermostat: Yes
  • Timer: No
  • Remote control: No
  • Warranty: Not specified 

What is an Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace is a device that simulates the look and function of a real fireplace. It uses LED light to create the appearance of flickering flames and glowing logs.

While the idea of getting heat from something else other than fire has been around since 1912, the ability to mimic flames was invented more recently in the 80s and 90s by companies like Dimplex.

Today’s electric fireplaces combine most of the aspects of real fireplaces to create as realistic an effect as possible.

Other than the simulated flames and logs, many also come with an integrated heater. This makes it feel like you are getting warmth from the ‘fire.’

Others go a step further and integrate crackling sounds to simulate the sound of sparks and burning logs.

Different brands use different technologies to create fake flames. Most use LED light. Others use an actual video or animation of a fire burning.

The Opti-Myst electric fireplaces by Dimplex use a fine water mist to simulate both flames and smoke.

5 Types of Electric Fireplaces

Here are the most common types of electric fireplaces.

Electric Fireplace Insert

Best Electric Fireplace

These are electric fireplaces designed to be installed in an existing empty fireplace.

They are ideal for homeowners who have an unused fireplace or want to transition from wood or gas-burning fireplace.

Mantel Electric Fireplace

Best Electric Fireplace

These are electric fireplaces that come complete with a mantel. Once you assemble the mantel, you simply insert the fireplace into the allotted space and plug it in.

They are great for homeowners without a fireplace and those who don’t want to go to the trouble of recessing a fireplace into the wall.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Best Electric Fireplace

This is an electric fireplace that can be mounted on a wall.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces typically have a thin profile and can be plugged into a standard outlet. They are perfect for those who don’t want wall-recessed fireplaces.

Free-Standing Electric Fireplace

This is an electric fireplace that doesn’t need any installation or assembly. Just set it up somewhere on the floor and plug it in.

Most are designed to look like wood-burning stoves.

Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Best Electric Fireplace

This is an electric fireplace that is designed to be inserted into a TV stand. The stand is included along with the fireplace insert.

Like mantel fireplaces, some assembly is required to set up the TV stand. You then insert the fireplace into the allotted space and plug it in.

Advantages of an Electric Fireplace

  • Easy installation. Electric fireplaces don’t need ventilation or fuel lines. This makes them so much easier and cheaper to install. Most electric fireplaces can be installed without hiring a pro.
  • No pollution. An electric fireplace doesn’t produce any pollution and hazardous emissions. It’s safe for your family’s health, and it’s good for the environment.
  • Minimal maintenance. Electric fireplaces require almost no maintenance. Most use LED lights, which last very long before they need replacements.
  • Easy portability. It’s easy to move an electric fireplace to another room or house without having to do any remodeling.
  • They are more energy-efficient. Electric fireplaces are more economical to use.
  • Safer for kids and pets. Since there is no actual fire, electric fireplaces are cool to the touch. The only exception is the heater area, which can sometimes get hot.

Features to Consider When Buying an Electric Fireplace

Are You Going to Install it Outside or Inside?  

Most electric fireplaces are designed for indoor use only.

If you want to use it outside, look for those that are rated for outdoor use. The manufacturer will most likely specify that it has to be used in a covered area such as the porch.

Note that the heater of an electric fireplace will be less effective outdoors. When you take the fireplace outside, turn off the heat and leave only the flames on to save energy.

Type of Electric Fireplace: Wall Mount, Insert, Mantle, TV Stand, or Freestanding?

The best type of electric fireplace will depend on your situation and aesthetic preferences.

If you have an old fireplace, an insert is a good choice. If you don’t have an existing fireplace, you can get a wall-mounted or wall-recessed electric fireplace.

For those who don’t want the fireplace on the wall, a mantle-style or TV stand electric fireplace is a good choice.


The best size will also depend on your situation and aesthetic preferences.

If you are planning to get an electric fireplace insert, you are limited to those that can fit in your old fireplace.

If you are thinking about a TV stand or mantle-style fireplace, you have to consider how much floor space you have in the room.

TV stand fireplaces generally tend to be the smallest. The TV stand itself could be around 50” wide, but the fireplace is only 18”- 25” wide.

Electric fireplace inserts range between 25” to 50”. Wall-mounted electric fireplaces can be as wide as 70”.


Most electric fireplaces consist mostly of metal framing and a glass front. A few electric fireplaces use hard plastic.

Power Supply

When it comes to the power supply, there are two types of electric fireplaces. There are plug-in models, which are the most popular and hardwired models which require professional installation.

The type of power supply usually depends on the heater capacity.

For fireplaces with heaters for spaces up to 400 square feet, the manufacturer usually recommends plug-in installation.

For fireplaces with more powerful heaters that larger rooms of up to 1,000 square feet or more, the manufacturer will often require that they are hardwired to a direct circuit.

There are no battery-powered electric fireplaces. At least as far as I know.

Style: Modern, Log Style, or Traditional?

It’s up to you to decide which fireplace style will look great in your home.

Modern electric fireplaces tend to have a crystal or glass ember bed and bluish flames. Most walls mounted and recessed electric fireplaces have a modern style.

Traditional models use faux logs and have yellow flames. Most electric fireplace inserts, mantle-style fireplaces, and TV stand fireplaces have a traditional style.

There are also log inserts that consist only of a grate and faux logs. There’s no metal frame or glass front. They have a cozy traditional feel and style.

Heating: Output & Control

If you want the full fireplace experience – that is, flames + heat – look for a model that has an integrated heater.

An electric fireplace with a heater is great for single room heating. It can even save you some energy because you don’t have to use your AC as often when it’s cold.

Remember to check the heater output before buying. This will help you determine whether it’s strong enough to warm up the room it will be installed in.

Most electric fireplaces have 1500W heaters that can warm spaces of up to 400 square feet. Infrared heaters of the same wattage can warm a slightly bigger space.

Higher-wattage heaters can warm rooms of up to 1000 square feet.

Another thing to check is whether the heat controls are separate from the flame controls. You should be able to change the temperature and turn the heat on/off separately from the flame effects.

This ensures you can enjoy the fireplace all year round. During the warm seasons, you can still enjoy the beautiful flames while leaving the heat off. When it gets cold, you can enjoy both the flames and warmth.

Installation: Professional or DIY?

You can install most types of electric fireplaces yourself. The only time you’ll need to hire a pro is if the fireplace needs to be hardwired or recessed into the wall.

Verified Owner Reviews

Check what kind of reviews the fireplace has. What do users say about things like assembling the insert, installation, heat output, controls, and flame effects?

Remote Control

The remote control is not a must-have, but it’s convenient. You don’t have to keep getting up from the couch to change a setting or turn the fireplace on/off.

It’s especially handy if the fireplace has lots of features and options like flame colors, flame intensity, and thermostat.

Flame Effects

Electric fireplaces with flame effects are great because you can change the fireplace style on the fly to suit different moods and occasions.

Feeling upbeat? Get the flames burning faster and brighter.

Want to relax after a long day? Set the flames to a gentle campfire, dim the fireplace brightness, and select a relaxing flame color.

Different fireplace inserts have different types of effects. For some, you can change the flame color, intensity, and brightness. For others, you can only change one thing, like the color.

Some budget electric fireplaces don’t offer any flame effect options at all.


The standard warranty for most electric fireplaces is one year. A few come with two or 3-year warranties.

Other Buying Considerations


Electric fireplace costs range widely depending on the type, size, and features.

The cheapest models cost around $200. They offer only basic features, including a heater and realistic flames.

Mid-range electric fireplaces offer more features such as thermostat control and flame effect options.

On the higher end of the scale are large models (50”+) that come with powerful heaters and a wide range of options.

Wall-mounted/recessed electric fireplaces tend to be the most expensive, while electric fireplace inserts usually cost less.

Cost to Install

When you are considering how much to spend on an electric fireplace insert, don’t forget to include the cost of installation.

Luckily, most electric fireplaces don’t need professional installation. You can install it yourself for free.

However, if you are buying an electric fireplace that needs to be recessed into the wall or hardwired to a circuit, you’ll need to hire a pro—Factor the extra costs into your overall budget.

Electrical or Construction Permit Required?

Electrical and construction permits are rarely required when installing an electric fireplace. This is because installation doesn’t involve major remodeling, gas lines, or electrical work.

With plug-in electric fireplaces, you don’t need a permit.

With hardwired and recessed fireplaces, you also don’t need a permit in most cases. But check the local building and zoning laws to be sure.

How to Install an Electric Fireplace Safely

Before you install any type of electric fireplace, check the user manual for manufacturer instructions on power requirements.

You should only connect the fireplace to an outlet or circuit that can handle the fireplace’s wattage and maximum current draw.

Installing an Electric Fireplace Insert

1. Preparing the existing fireplace

First, make sure no water will come in through the chimney. If it doesn’t have a rain cap, install a cover plate. Close and seal the damper to prevent heat loss. Finally, clean out the fireplace in preparation for the new insert.

2. Get out your tape measure

Take measurements of the current fireplace and look for an insert that will fit.

When looking for the right insert, there are two kinds of measurements to look at.

First, the overall dimensions of the fireplace insert, including the trim kit, if there’s one. Second, the dimensions of the firebox.

The firebox should be the same size or slightly smaller than the fireplace. The trim kit will cover any gaps on the side.

If the firebox is too short, you can position it on a platform or raise it using leveling bolts if it has them.

3. Sort out the power  

If the fireplace is a plug-in, figure out how you are going to connect the cable to an outlet.

Some fireplaces have a trap door at the bottom where you can run the cable to an outlet in the basement.

You can also ask an electrician to add an outlet inside the fireplace.

Another option if you don’t want any messy cables hanging about is to hardwire the insert. This is mandatory for certain inserts that have high-wattage heaters.

If you need to hardwire the insert, hire a licensed electrician to do it.

4. Insert the fireplace

With the power supply sorted out, position the insert inside the fireplace, making sure it fits securely. Turn it on and enjoy it.

When you first turn it on, try out all the features available to make sure they work. If something doesn’t seem right, check the manual’s troubleshooting section or contact customer support.

Installing a Wall Mounted or Recessed Electric Fireplace

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are fairly easy to install. You just need to secure the fireplace to the wall using the mounting kit provided and then plug it into an outlet.

If it needs to be hardwired, you need to get a pro to do it.

Installing a wall-recessed electric fireplace is a bit more complicated since you have to cut a space into the wall.

If you have some DIY skills and experience, you can do it yourself (except the hardwiring part, if it’s necessary).

But I recommend getting a professional to do the entire installation safely and properly.

You’ll need to find a non-load-bearing wall to cut into, cut out the right sized space from the wall (you may also need to cut away some studs), and then screw the fireplace into the wall.

Here’s a video showing how to install a recessed electric fireplace.

And here’s another one by Dimplex showing different techniques for installing linear wall recessed electric fireplaces.

Installing a TV Stand or Mantel-Style Electric Fireplace

These are some of the easiest electric fireplaces to install. This is because there’s essentially no installation required.

The only bit of work involved in assembling the TV stand or mantel.

Most models are plug-in, so you don’t have to worry about getting a pro to hardwire it.

Electric Fireplace Maintenance: What to Expect

One of the main advantages of electric fireplaces is that they are a breeze to maintain. There are only two things you need to do: clean the fireplace regularly and change the bulbs.

Before cleaning, first, disconnect the power supply. Then remove the glass front (check the manual for instructions) and use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe down the inside and outside. You may need to remove the fireplace media (faux logs or crystals) before cleaning.

You can also use a vacuum attachment to get rid of dust and other debris that has accumulated inside the fireplace.

As for the bulbs, most manufacturers recommend changing them every 2-3 years. Make sure you replace the bulbs with manufacturer-approved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Fireplaces

Are electric fireplace heaters energy efficient?

Yes, they are. Unlike gas and wood fireplaces that lose a lot of the heat they produce, heaters in electric fireplaces convert most of the electrical power into heat.

And since they don’t require a chimney or ventilation, all the heat is directed into the room.

How much power does an electric fireplace use?

Electric fireplaces are inexpensive to run, whether you leave the heat on or not.

With only the flame effects turned on, they cost about $0.02 an hour to run. With heat and flame effects on, they cost about 8-18 cents per hour.

The total power usage will depend on how often you use the electric fireplace in heat mode. But even if you turn on the heater every day for a few hours, the overall power usage is still fairly low.

Can you use an electric fireplace on the carpet?

Yes. Electric fireplaces don’t produce any actual fire. So they are safe for use on any flat and stable surface, including rugs and carpets.

Can Electric fireplaces have real flames?


They simulate the effect of real frames by refracting LED lights. Some models play a high-definition video or animation of a flame.

Do electric fireplaces heat a room?

As long as the fireplace has an integrated heater, it can heat a room.

Of course, the effectiveness of the heater will depend on the size of the house. That’s why it is important to check the heater capacity before buying an electric fireplace.

Most heaters are rated at 1500W and can heat rooms of up to 400 square feet. Pricier fireplaces can have more powerful heaters for spaces up to 1,000 square feet or bigger.

When installing the fireplace, make sure you don’t block the vent at the front where the heat comes out.

Also, check that the fireplace is at the right height and position to ensure the heat is directed towards the main sitting area.

Are electric fireplace inserts safe?

Electric fireplaces are much safer than wood and gas fireplaces. There’s no pollution or emissions, and the risk of a fire is low.

They are also cool to the touch except for the heater vent, which you should teach kids not to touch.

As with any other electrical gadget, there are some common-sense safety tips to follow.

One, make sure the outlet or circuit the fireplace is connected to can handle the voltage. If you use an outlet that is on the same circuit as other appliances, it could result in an overload, which is a fire hazard.

Two, never use an extension cord or power strip. If you have to, make sure it adheres to the manufacturer’s power requirements.

Three, make sure that any vent, whether it’s for air intake or output, is not blocked.

Check the owner’s manual for additional safety instructions.

Are infrared heaters cost-effective?

Yes, they are.

Compared to fan-forced heaters that use a blower to force heated air around the room, infrared heaters heat only space directly in front of them.

There is less heat wasted and hence more energy saved.

Which is more efficient between a gas and electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace is more efficient.

A gas fireplace uses more energy to create the flame and produce heat. An electric fireplace, on the other hand, uses most of its electricity to produce heat and very little to create realistic flame effects.

A gas fireplace costs about $350 a year to run. An electric fireplace costs around $50-$120 depending on heater capacity and how often the heater is turned on.

How to Get the Best Deal on an Electric Fireplace

Occasions such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas are the best times to buy an electric fireplace.

Sellers on major retail sites like Amazon, as well as in big box stores, offer deep discounts.

Some brands also offer discounts just before the cold season begins to incentivize customers to buy an electric fireplace in preparation for the chill.

Most discounts are modest – 10-20% off – but on special occasions like Black Friday, you can get up to 50% off.

Where to Buy

You can get an electric fireplace online, your local big-box retailer, or at a local furniture specialist.

Furniture specialists tend to be the most expensive, but they can be very helpful in helping you find the best electric fireplace for your needs. Some also offer complimentary installation.

Big box retailers are cheaper, and you can get a wider variety of electric fireplaces. The downside is that there may not be a specialist who can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

You also have to set aside several hours to go to the store, choose an electric fireplace and transport it back home.

Buying online has many advantages.

For one, there is a huge variety of electric fireplaces to choose from. The prices are also usually the cheapest online, and you can get a better deal than either a big box store or furniture specialist.

Finally, the fireplace is delivered right to your doorstep.