PuraFlame Alice Recessed Electric Fireplace Review

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4 and a half stars

The PuraFlame Alice is a great choice if you are looking for a wall-recessed electric fireplace. It’s ideal if you don’t have an existing fireplace for an electric fireplace insert.

Alice recesses 6 inches into the wall, resulting in a clean, modern style that looks great in most houses.

It comes with multiple aesthetic options, including two types of ember bed materials and several color options for the ember bed and flames.

It also has an integrated fan heater that can warm a room of up to 400 square feet.

Read on for my full review of PuraFlame Alice.

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PuraFlame Alice Electric Fireplace

Two Ember Bed Options

PuraFlame Alice comes with both logs and crystals for the ember bed.

Use the resin logs if you want a more traditional fireplace aesthetic. The crystals provide a more contemporary feel.

You can also use both at the same time.

The ember bed is easily accessible behind the removable front glass. So you can change what’s on the ember bed at any time.

Versatile Display Settings

Versatile Display Settings

For the ember bed, you can choose from 13 different colors.

For the flames, you have four options: all-yellow, all-blue, yellow with a bit of low-bright blue and yellow with a bit of bright blue.

Most users find the last two color combos to be the most realistic. They resemble a real fireplace with mostly yellow flames mixed with some blue ones.

The all-blue setting is perfect if you want a contemporary style. It also goes great with the crystals, while all-yellow matches well with the logs.

All settings look great and are bright enough that they are visible even during the day.

Touch Screen and Remote Control

PuraFlame touch screen buttons

The touch screen at the bottom of the front panel provides an easy way to turn the fireplace on/off and adjust various settings.

An even easier way to control the fireplace is by using the included remote control.

It has all the settings you need plus a small LCD screen that displays current settings.

Supplemental Heat

PuraFlame Alice Recessed Electric Fireplace

You can use the PuraFlame Alice electric fireplace as a heater. It provides 750W and 1500W of heat, capable of warming a 400 square foot space.

The heater is fan-forced though it barely makes any noise. The heated air is dispersed from a vent at the top of the front panel.

You can set your preferred temperature anywhere between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit using the remote control or touch screen. When the room reaches that temperature, the heater will turn off automatically.


PuraFlame timer

Don’t worry that you’ll doze off on the couch and leave the heater on or forget to turn it off when you go to bed.

You can set a timer between 30 minutes and 9 hours, and the heater and fireplace will turn off automatically.


PuraFlame Alice installation

As mentioned above, the PuraFlame Alice electric fireplace is designed to be recessed 6 inches into the wall. But you can also install it on the wall if you don’t want to have to call a pro to recess it.

The vents are at the front, so it doesn’t matter how you install it. But recessing it results in a cleaner look.

It comes with a plug to connect it to an outlet. If you don’t want any wires snaking down the wall, ask an electrician to hardwire it.

The fireplace is available in four sizes: 40″, 50″, 60″ and 68″. Measure the length of the available wall space before you select the right size.


PuraFlame Alice Recessed Electric Fireplace

  • Recessing and hardwiring require pros, which means budgeting extra money on top of the purchase cost.
  • The IR remote requires pointing directly at the fireplace for it to work.
  • Supplemental heat is not enough for extra-large rooms (more than 400 sq. ft.).
  • No sound effects, but you can add these yourself with a crackler system like Comfort Smart.
  • No brightness settings.


Electric fireplace specifications

Type of electric fireplace: Wall-recessed electric fireplace

Flame effect settings: yes

Brightness settings: no

Sound effects: no

Remote control: yes

Timer: yes

Supplement heat: yes (Max 5120 BTUs for a 400 sq. ft. room)

Installation: plug-in or hardwired

Current draw: 12.5 A

Dimensions: 20.25″ H x 11.68″ D x 40″/50″/60″/68″ L

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