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Hi, my name is Brian Simpson. I recently remodeled my home, and part of that project was replacing my 45-year-old gas fireplace – which was leaking and too dangerous to keep.

I knew I wanted to go electric, but didn’t know how to go about selecting from the more than 50 fireplace inserts on the market today. I’m kind of anal about doing spreadsheets and such, so I methodically researched every product I could find online. Yes, I am THAT GUY.

Eventually I bought a 26″ built-in unit with a remote control and man, it’s great. My new fireplace saves us a ton of money vs. the old gas unit, it’s much safer – and I can control it with a remote!

Anyway, I decided to publish the lessons I learned online, so other people can save time. I develop mobile websites and apps for a living, so I made this one mobile-friendly from the get go. I hope it saves you time and hassle.

About The Ratings

The ratings on this site are gathered from popular shopping sites like Amazon.com and ElectricFireplacesDirect.com, a Top 500 eRetailer. If the same product is rated differently on two site, I average the two. To be clear, I don’t personally test and rate all of these units myself (does anyone?).

Affiliate Disclosure

To pay the bills for hosting, etc., some of the products listed on this site have affiliate links. That means I get a small percentage of the sale if you buy something after clicking-through a link on my site. It’s not a lot of money, I can assure you.

The two retailers I recommend the most are Amazon.com, who has great pricing but limited selection, and ElectricFireplacesDirect.com, who carries just about everything. Both are reliable and offer FREE SHIPPING on most orders.


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