Are Electric Fireplaces Safer Than Space Heaters? What To Look For When Buying

Are Electric Fireplaces Safer Than Space Heaters? What To Look For When Buying NOTE: This page contains affiliate links that pay for this site but do not impact the price you pay (or our honest opinions). Learn More.

An electric fireplace imitates a woodfire that doesn’t need a venting, chimney, or other costly installation.

As it creates the flame’s effect without producing real flames, there is no risk of drapes and furniture set on fire.

The flames are made with LED lights. On the other hand, a space heater is a heating device for small spaces and can be powered by electricity or burnable fuel such as propane, gasoline, or diesel.

Generally, space heaters are less reliable than fireplaces. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recently revealed in January 2018 that space heaters account for 43 percent of home-heating fires and 85% deaths. These figures are alarming. This is why manufacturers are incorporating a growing number of security features in these heaters.

Due to the technological progress, space heaters now come with auto shut-off mechanism, timers, adjustable and programmable thermostats, overheating protection and tip-over protection.

These features lessen safety risks to a great extent, but the hazards of accidental injuries are not entirely eliminated.

Electric Fireplaces Vs. Space Heaters

outdoor electric fireplace

Electric fireplace

In this article, we’ll examine the safety aspects of both kinds of heating systems.

Electric Fireplaces Are Safer Than Space Heaters

In comparison to space heaters, electric fireplaces are a safer choice. Let us see some reasons for this:

  • They don’t work on the forced-air mechanism and, hence, don’t lead to dust and allergy-causing particles circulating in the area. This guarantees that you get healthful and clean air.
  • They don’t emit carbon dioxide, whereas space heaters that operate with burnable fuel such as kerosene emit this gas.
  • These fireplaces don’t pose a safety hazard for children and pets, unlike space heaters, where there are possibilities that touch with the hot outer coating may lead to injuries and burns. Space heaters become too hot after being used for some time. The grills that emit heat surely become hot even if the outer body does not. They are very dangerous for pets and children, which are likely to get burned if they come in contact with it. Having an electric fireplace, you won’t need to be worried about this. The flames are just an illustration or projection of flames, so touching them is just like touching a TV screen.
  • One other reason for an electric fireplace is a safe heating option because it functions in a low-temperature setting.
  • Electric fireplaces are less likely to be misused than space heaters. There have been many incidences of fires due to space heater abuse. Though this is not likely to happen with an electric fireplace because of its size and layout. The firebox is put in the middle of a 4-foot wide unit, which gives sufficient space on both sides. Thus the fireplace cannot come in touch with combustible objects.
  • As there are no real flames, there isn’t any chance of smoke and suffocation.
  • Despite supplying heat to individuals in the room, fireplaces generally are cool to touch.

Safety Advice for Electric Fireplaces

Space heater

Space heater

The safety of an electric fireplace can be improved if specific tips are followed and executed:

  • Check your electric fireplace isn’t plugged into the same circuit as other essential appliances and lighting.
  • For those fireplaces which are hardwired, arrange a new circuit breaker and wiring.
  • You shouldn’t plug into an electric fireplace into an extension cord, as it may be subjected to overheating and may lead to a fire.
  • If you’re planning to leave the space for an elongated period, you should turn off your fireplace.
  • Make sure no flammable substance is placed near an electric fireplace.
  • Be cautious of damaged cords and quit using the fireplace until you replace the damaged or worn cables.
  • Do not set up an electric fireplace in the moist surrounding, especially bathrooms.
  • These components are for indoor use only. Never use them outside and expose them to the weather.

Leaving an Electric Fireplace On Overnight

As fireplaces are safe by default, there is no possible issue if they are kept running for the entire night.

Having said this, it will be more careful if you turn off the fireplace if you do not need to use it at night.

In case you wish to leave it running, it’s a good idea to set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. This will ensure the system doesn’t become hot.


AKDY Electric Fireplace Insert

Electric Fireplaces are the safest heating apparatus due to their built-in features.

Some of the notable ones include an absence of vents, new real flames, and no emission of smoke or gases. This is. As it operates on electric current and no fuel is used, it’s free from the dangers of gases such as carbon monoxide.

Space heaters cause accidental fires and are unsafe. The producers are aware of the security risks and are integrating safety features to mitigate these dangers.

Regardless of how safe a device is, its safe operation depends on taking the appropriate measures suggested by experts.

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