Fireplace With Bookshelves on Each Side: 10 Awesome Looks

Fireplace With Bookshelves on Each Side: 10 Awesome Looks Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Fireplaces give a unique design statement to your home. For ages, people have used fireplaces for multiple purposes. Rather than just warming up the living area during the winter season, fireplaces also serve the purpose of adding a unique design to the interior space of your home.

Contemporary electric fireplaces also add a certain amount of visual appeal to your home and help the area look a lot better with everything in place. Besides the fireplace itself, it can serve you well to have a couple of bookshelves on either side of the fireplace. These shelves accentuate the electric fireplace itself and add a lot more to the room.

In this article we look at some of the best fireplaces with bookshelves on each side. You can replicate these designs in your own home for visual brilliance.

1. Christmas Themed

This Christmas themed fireplace with bookshelves on each side looks amazing to the eye and has an incredible, vibrant presence. We love the rustic appeal of the bookshelves and how you can place plenty of books in the excess space available on both sides of the grand fireplace.

2. Straight Out of a Greek Court

With two pillars of justice standing tall, books positioned in the right order and a fire burning in the apex, this particular design takes you straight to a traditional Greek court of the days gone by. The traditional look only cements this perspective further.

3. More Contemporary

This fireplace with bookshelves on both sides has a more contemporary feel to it. We love how the room itself serves a more contemporary look, but the pale blue color of the bookshelves and the dusk brown of the fireplace create a transitional design.

4. Electric Fireplace

This image captures one side of an electric fireplace and gives an image of perfection. We love how exquisitely designed this interior space is, and how the neat bookshelf adds more detail to the space. Surely looks warm and cozy.

5. Summer Styled Bookshelves

This white fireplace goes well with the summer styled bookshelves on each side. These bookshelves do not just cover the area, but also give you excess space to position books and increase the visual appeal of the fireplace itself.

6. Rustic

This rustic fireplace has bookshelves positioned on both sides of it. We love the dark brown, rustic appeal of this bookshelf and how it stands out around the pale white color of the fireplace.

7. Surrounded by Books

This electric fireplace is surrounded by a bookshelf on both sides. Bookshelves happen to increase the aesthetic appeal of a fireplace and make it a lot more visually pleasant to look at. We also love how the books have been set on the bookshelves. Aesthetic placement can make a bookshelf look even better.

8. All Carved to Perfection

This electric fireplace has been carved to perfection with bookshelves on both sides. The bookshelves look freshly carved, which is why they haven’t yet been decorated to perfection. We love the uneven rows that allow you to innovate how you keep books inside the shelves.

9. Cozy Living Room

This cozy living room carries a simplistic look and has bookshelves surrounding the amazing fireplace on both sides. We love the open spaces in the room and how the fireplace looks over almost the entirety of the room. The bookshelves are also well positioned and well designed.

10. Fireplace With Bookshelf on One Side

This modern interior setup is well decorated with an electric fireplace and a bookshelf on one corner. We know this list includes fireplaces with bookshelves on each side, but the compact design and nature of this bookshelf warrants a place here.

We have looked at some of the best fireplace designs with bookshelves on each side. Go through the designs again and see if you can replicate them in your home.

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