Top 10 Gas Fireplace Insert Trends for 2021

Top 10 Gas Fireplace Insert Trends for 2021 Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Gas fireplace inserts are the most effective way to repair cold chimney drafts, reduce your home heating bill, and upgrade a room’s appearance.

They might also increase the value of your residence.

So if you like to experience the clean warmth of natural gas and fire’s magnificent beauty, look for the features and trends listed below.

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Trend 1: Stunning Gas Flames That Imitate Wood Flames

realistic (fake) electric fireplace

Thanks to recent gas burner technology improvements, you can now enjoy the clean comfort of natural gas flames that dance and flicker like a real wood-burning fire.

Interested? Visit your local fireplace store to experience this exciting innovation on your own.

Trend 2: Direct-Vented Gas Fireplace Inserts

Look for a Direct-Vented fireplace insert to keep you warmer, enhance indoor air quality, and save money.

The direct-vent gas fireplace insert is currently a house renovation staple.

Unlike conventional open flue fireplaces that pull air from your house, direct vent gas fireplace inserts pull air from directly outside your dwelling.

Direct vent gas fireplace inserts are sealed to prevent cold drafts from entering your home, prevent heated air from leaving. They are usually regarded as safer, warmer, and economical than flue-vented units.

Trend 3: Smart Gas Fireplace Inserts

As if flicking a switch was not easy enough, you can now turn on your gas fireplace insert like the way you turn on your TV – with a remote.

Even better, much like how TVs can be programmed to record your favorite show, contemporary gas fireplace inserts can be programmed to turn off and on at specific times.

You can even schedule temperatures you would like to maintain at particular times of the day or night.

Unfortunately, you cannot ask Alexa or Google Home Mini to run your gas fireplace yet, but the future does look promising.

Trend 4: High-Performance Heat

Unless you have a cupboard full of gold bricks, you probably need to purchase a modern gas fireplace insert that will decrease your monthly heating bill.

Most fireplace inserts cut cold chimney draft, but the ideal gas fireplace inserts are designed to keep you warmer for less.

Improvements such as programmable heat controls, ceramic radiant heating technologies, multi-speed blowers, and multi-room heat supply kits help homeowners spend less and enjoy more.

For optimum performance and a beautiful golden color flame, start looking for a gas fireplace insert with an efficiency rating between 70 — 85%.

Higher efficiency = a bluer flame.

Trend 5: Heat You Can Turn Down (and Up)

outdoor electric fireplace

Unlike your furnace, a fireplace is beautiful.

In addition to heat, fire generates stunning ambiance, which most humans enjoy throughout the year.

On freezing winter nights, you need warmth, but what about cold spring days?

If you would like a gas fireplace insert that you can enjoy all year long, search for one with a wide BTU range and multi-stage turndown control.

Your fireplace dealer can help you identify your best choices.

Trend 6: Customization

Thanks to modern fireplace manufacturers, customization of any gas fireplace insert is fun, easy, and very affordable.

#ProTip: Customization goes beyond design; the best fireplace manufacturers offer functional accessories such as conversion kits and heat supply kits for a propane gas fireplace insert.

Trend 7: Small Gas Fireplace Inserts

Bigger isn’t always better.

Compact gas fireplace inserts are excellent for cozy heating spaces.

Have a bedroom, bathroom, or small home to heat? There is a compact gas insert for it.

While it’s ideal to select a gas insert that fits your room’s dimensions, it is sometimes not feasible. Example: if your current masonry fireplace opening is too shallow or too narrow to fit a medium or large insert, a small gas insert may be your only alternative.

If you want to heat a large space with a small insert, however, make sure you pick a gas insert with a built-in blower.

Trend 8: Variable-Speed Blowers

Do you need a blower?

Answer “yes” if you would like to push heat into the far corners of your area – and outside.

Blowers with variable speed control deliver the best comfort as they can be adjusted to circulate air gently or forcefully.

Find an insert with a warrantied blower that works at a respectful sound level.

Your fireplace dealer can help you know which gas fireplace inserts have the most reliable blowers.

#ProTip: You can not use a blower if you don’t have one.

All gas fireplace inserts provide radiant heat, but a blower gives an instant, strong heat boost.

Turn your blower on, or turn it off, it is your choice!

Trend 9: Refinish Your Masonry Fireplace

Refinish Your Masonry Fireplace

You have a gorgeous new gas fireplace insert, but an ugly, old masonry fireplace…what can you do now?

Refinishing can provide a stunning design transformation with no dramatic price tag.

Check out Pinterest or Houzz to find thousands of inspirational fireplace refinishing photos.

You can also take a look at client renovation pictures in the idea galleries on manufacturer sites.

A few “hot right now” fireplace refinishing styles include:

  • Shiplap
  • Whitewashed brick
  • Suspended fireplace mantels
  • Wood fireplace encloses overlaid onto traditional brick hearths.
  • Drywalling over existing rock or brick
  • Adding a secondary type of brick or stone into a current masonry fireplace
  • Tile surrounds
  • Natural wood log attributes, even if your fireplace insert is petrol.

Trend 10: Maximize Your Fire Viewing Window

If you have to squint to view the flames in your fireplace, you can do better.

New technology has made it possible to dramatically expand the viewable region of gas fireplace inserts over the last couple of years, and now the trend is in full force.

It does not matter what size gas inserts your purchase or if your style is traditional or contemporary – a wider fire viewing window is definitely “in.”

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