10 Small White Corner Electric Fireplaces

10 Small White Corner Electric Fireplaces Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Fireplaces have come a long way from invading the entirety of the room to being positioned in the corner, without disturbing the purpose they serve. Electric fireplaces really have changed the way we view fireplaces and the aesthetics they bring into a space.

In this article we look at 10 small white electric fireplace ideas for you to take inspiration from. Study the designs and replicate the features you like inside your own home.


1. White Hues and an Electric Fire

Electric fireplace designs hardly look as good as this one. The white finishing on this fireplace makes it a perfect piece of art. We also love the positioning of the fireplace and how elegant the aesthetics surrounding it are.

2. Small and Cozy

Neatly stocked in the corner against a pillar, this small white electric fireplace surely is a delight to look at. We love the finishing on it and the compact size covering the entire room.

3. Electric Fireplace in Empty Apartment

Electric fireplaces serve a purpose bigger than just heating an area. They set the tone for a specific area and determine the interior inside. This empty apartment with the white electric fireplace is an empty canvas for a designer to fill up or paint.

4. Electric Fireplace in Common

Electric fireplaces have a better chance of settling in within a given design or architecture than traditional fireplaces ever would. This white electric fireplace looks more a part of the room than anything else.

5. Right in the Middle

This cozy living room has not yet been set with furniture, but we love how brilliantly the white electric fireplace has been set right in the middle.

6. Scandinavian Style and Electric fireplaces

This apartment has a Scandinavian style and we just love how the white electric fireplace accentuates the entire aura of the place. Surely one of our best looks on display.

7. Electric Fireplace in the Corner

This small white electric fireplace has brilliantly been incorporated in the corner of the wall to perfectly heat the entire room.

8. Covering the Entire Room

While this electric fireplace surely isn’t small, it is white and covers the entire room from one corner to the other. Surely, the cold weather outside won’t be a problem in this room.

9. Laminated Flooring and Electric Fireplace

The laminated flooring and electric fireplace in this living room look perfectly in sync. Never has a better coordination been achieved between style and exuberance.

10. Nestled in a Pillar

Nestled in the corner of this room is an electric fireplace well worth every look you give to it. The fireplace looks amazing and we can’t help but speak wonders of the pale white look.

Some of the designs on display here might interest you, while others won’t. Go through these ideas and incorporate them in your home when you go for an electric fireplace.

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