10 Realistic Faux Corner Fireplace Ideas

10 Realistic Faux Corner Fireplace Ideas Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Faux corner fireplaces have long been an interior design statement. Fireplaces served multiple purposes, and one of them was to add to the interior design of a space. Now, with the use of HVAC systems inside homes, heating is no more the problem that it used to be. However, even with electric fireplaces available, homeowners aren’t willing to let go of the aesthetics of bigger fireplaces just yet, which is why they have incorporated faux corner fireplaces in their homes.

In this article we look at some of the most realistic faux corner fireplace ideas. These ideas look so realistic that you will surely be tempted to go for them.

1. Grand and Elegant

Photo by Hobbs’ Ink, LLCSearch living room pictures

This brown colored faux corner fireplace looks grand and elegant. We can notice how well this setting goes with the rest of the room. The light brown brick walls look amazing above the mantle.

2. Breathing Life Into the Living Room

Photo by Werschay HomesLook for family room design inspiration

Fireplaces add life into the living room, and this faux corner fireplace does exactly the same. The corner wall sparks up because of the fireplace and the room itself would look bland without it.

3. Faux Corner Electric Fireplace

Photo by Budget BlindsDiscover living room design inspiration

This faux corner electric fireplace perfectly replicates the flames thrown by an original fireplace through a brilliant 3D illustration. We love how you can still enjoy the roaring flames in your electric fireplace.

4. Natural Color

Photo by Elite Custom HomesLook for family room design inspiration

Dusky brown is known to be the color of nature and this faux corner fireplace brilliantly replicates that. Since fire is an element of nature, it is only necessary for fireplaces to exude the color.

5. A Treat for Sore Eyes

Photo by JM DesignsBrowse living room photos

This living room setting is surely a sight for sore eyes. We love how well the corner faux fireplace sits and how the rest of the room complements the presence of the fireplace.

6. Brilliance in Beige

Photo by H O M E + atelier Michael RansonBrowse bedroom ideas

This amazing beige colored faux corner fireplace adds amazing brilliance to this room. We love the mantle on the top and the decoration inside the fireplace.

7. Different Tones of White

Photo by Schrader & CompaniesLook for family room design inspiration

The good thing about the color white is that homeowners can try different tones that look similar. This faux fireplace and the room itself show different tones of white and carry them beautifully.

8. Elegant Dark Wood Floor and Faux Corner Fireplace

Photo by Martha O’Hara InteriorsLook for living room pictures

This faux corner fireplace is surely the best we have seen yet. The design does take up some excess room space, but we love the elegance of the fireplace and how the structure towers upwards.

9. Corner Fireplace in a Living Room

Photo by Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.More living room ideas

Fireplaces serve an amazing purpose inside living rooms, which is why we are in awe of this faux corner fireplace idea. The musky exterior of the faux fireplace goes well with the rest of the setting.

10. Perfection in the Living Room

Photo by Lindsay von HagelLook for living room pictures

Living rooms don’t get better than this. The magnificent faux corner fireplace does look realistic and the mantle on top of it can be used for strictly decorative purposes. We love the blend of colors in the room.

Faux corner fireplaces might only serve a decorative purpose, but we just love how they amp up an interior space and make it look classier.

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