10 Modern Wall Mounted Fireplace Ideas

10 Modern Wall Mounted Fireplace Ideas Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

The ideas and designs behind fireplaces have come a long way in the past few years. Gone are the days when a gigantic fireplace would grace the largest area of the wall, while residents would cuddle in the spacious room the fireplace was meant to heat up. The first change has come in the rooms we see in most houses today. Rooms have become compact, leading to a lot of variety and shrinkage in the size of fireplaces.

Some of the latest fireplace design trends to come out of this are we now have people looking for compact fireplaces and modern wall mounted fireplace ideas. All of these ideas are fairly contemporary, which is why some designers can reach a roadblock when coming up with ideas or ways to create a functional fire space for your home.

Wall mounted fireplace ideas can come in handy here as they give you the perfect aesthetics, while saving on space. They look good in outdoor spaces as well for homeowners who have an outdoor patio without the right amount of available space.

In this article we look at some of the modern wall mounted fire place ideas you can go for inside your home. Follow these ideas for the best results.

1. Living Room Perfection

This fire place is conveniently positioned inside the living room and does a good job at heating up the entire space. The fireplace is mounted along the wall, which is why it does not take extra space across the rest of the home. The biggest benefit going in favor of wall mounted fireplaces is that they save space that would have otherwise gone to waste near the wall corner.

2. Black and White

This room gives vibes of black and white and is perfectly set up for winters and summers. The part we are studying here is the conveniently placed wall mounted fireplace near the bottom of the charcoal black wall. Loads of wood have also been placed around the corner to make sure that there is enough to light up the fireplace. We like the overall feel of this space because of which it stands out.

3. Covering the Entire Room

This wall mounted fireplace idea is contemporary and comes with excellent heating for the entire room. We love how this fireplace oversees both areas of this divided L shaped room. It is usually difficult to cover such a room with other traditional fireplaces, but this wall mounted fireplace does a good job at it. The space also has good aesthetics and the logs of wood look good.

4. Near the TV

We love how wall mounted fireplaces are usually set near the television set. This allows users to enjoy an amazing experience of quality and heating. Since most people inside a contemporary home like to sit near the television, this wall mounted heating setup will heat everyone when winters arrive. This is a modern design statement that will look good in almost every home.

5. Compact and Stylish

We like this compact and stylish wall mounted electric fireplace. We have discussed something similar above as well and feel that such a fireplace can do a good job at keeping a rather large L-shaped room warm during winters. The dimensions of this room are shaped weirdly, but the heater in itself is positioned appropriately. We also love how it’s as close as possible to the TV.

6. Space Saving Fireplace

This fireplace idea for a rather well lit living room saves a lot of excess space. The fireplace is conveniently mounted on the wall, as all logs are kept nearby, so that they are easily available when the time comes. What we like about this design is that it will help give everyone a good, warm temperature without making things complicated. We also like the appropriate positioning of the fireplace, so that everyone can get some fresh warm air.

7. Lively Living Room

This living room gives a lively look and is quite compact and small to begin with. The fireplace is conveniently mounted on the wall, so that it is close to everyone else and is easy to access. The hot air will conveniently circulate the air, giving everyone some relief from the chilly winds that can take up every space around you during the winters.

8. Space Saving Design

This space saving wall mounted fireplace idea gives a traditional and contemporary look. We like how the fireplace covers one part of the wall and can conveniently heat up the entire room when the time comes. The room also has an excess space made for keeping wood logs so that they are available at the right time.

9. Opulent Design

This opulent design looks straight from a movie set. We love how well lit the area is, and how the wall mounted fireplace dictates the setting in the area. The mounted fireplace itself comes with golden borders that define the aesthetics of the space. Such wall mounted fireplaces can really rejuvenate the setting of an internal space and make it easy for you to set the furniture.

10. Decent Living Space

This living space looks decent and exudes the right vibes. To begin with, we like the black colored leather sofas in the common area. The fireplace also sets a nice impression and is wall mounted for added detail. This fireplace idea isn’t suited for small spaces, as it will cover up the entire area and leave little space for other items. However, if you have such a big space, it will do wonders.

We have looked at some amazing wall mounted fireplace ideas in this article. We hope that you like some of the designs on this list and go with them for the best modern wall mounted fireplace in your home.

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