10 Modern Electric Fireplaces With Mantels

10 Modern Electric Fireplaces With Mantels Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Electric fireplaces go a step beyond wood burning fireplaces to save you from the smoke and the fire hazard that can result because of them. In this age of compact rooms and spaces, it is necessary for a homeowner to get an electric fireplace to save space without risking any hazards.

Electric fireplaces are becoming a norm today, and are in pretty high demand with homeowners. In this article we look at some of the best electric fireplaces with mantels for your home. You can take inspiration from some of these designs and incorporate them in your own home as well.

1. Wall Mounted and Compact

This wall mounted electric fireplace gives a compact look and sets an amazing color combination. The dark and light color combination helps the electric fireplace stand out in the room. The fireplace looks perfect for drawing rooms and living rooms.

2. Longer and Warmer

This electric fireplace comes with a stretched design that helps cover a greater area of the room. The extended size makes this electric fireplace perfect for your lounge or living area.

3. Covered in Style

This electric fireplace design is surrounded by perfection all around. We love the minimalistic design of the room itself and appreciate how the electric fireplace is set in wood colored acrylic; adds to the aesthetics of the room.

4. Natural White Look

This amazing natural white electric fireplace hits all the right tones. We love the design and the convenient placing of the fireplace. The electric fireplace creates an amalgam of traditional and contemporary designs.

5. Remote Controlled

Electric fireplaces do not come better than this remote controlled design. The electric fireplace is surrounded by a natural white finishing, and is powered on and controlled through a convenient remote.

6. White Marble Brilliance

White marble has always given off bright radiance for all users to see. The amazing look of the marble finish accentuates the electric fireplace to create an amazing display.

7. TV Cabinet

This electric fireplace also serves as a TV cabinet and gives a dual purpose. We love the overall radiance of the room and are in awe of the positioning of this fireplace. The fireplace also covers the entire room and will come in handy once cooler weather strikes.

8. Close up in the Living Room

This close up of an electrical fireplace in the living room exudes perfection from all corners. The shiny black borders complement the fire in the fireplace to create an amazing look.

9. Compact and in the Corner

This compact electric fireplace sits in the corner of this small room to cover the entire area and add the required warmth during cold weather. We love the windows inside the room, and how they complement the beauty of the fireplace.

10. Recreating Traditional Designs

This amazing electric fireplace recreates the opulent look of the past to give the perfect visuals. The solid brick structure outside the electric fireplace adds beauty and perfection to the space.

All of these modern electric fireplaces with mantels have a unique look and exuberance of their own. We hope you loved the ideas and will implement them in your home.

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