10 Cool Three-Sided Electric Fireplace Ideas

10 Cool Three-Sided Electric Fireplace Ideas Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Three sided fireplaces do more than just spice up the look of your home. They serve a pragmatic purpose as well. Fireplaces with three open sides can better help warm up the place, making sure that no one feels cold in the setting.

In this article we look at a few inspiring photos of three-sided electric fireplaces. Go through this list and implement the functional three sided design in your home as well.

1. The Three-Sided Bedroom Fireplace

Photo by Coastal Fire ShopSearch bedroom design ideas

This bedroom fireplace idea really is exquisite and stands out. We love how the three sides cover separate parts of the room, making sure that every part is warm and cozy.

2. White and Warm

Photo by Ortal USADiscover living room design ideas

The color white really does look cozy and warm in an interior setting. We love the way this fireplace looks and how the three sides perfectly complement each other.

3. 3 Sides Covering the Living Room

Photo by Ortal USAMore living room photos

This 3-sided fireplace sits in the middle of the living room and looks similar to the one above. The fireplace keeps the entire area warm and helps you through the winter season with nothing to worry about.

4. Black Hues

Photo by Ortal USAMore living room photos

Enjoying hues of black on all corners, this amazing three-sided fireplace covers the entire area. We love the mix of white and black colors and surely are in awe of how well the interior looks. Surely a design you can have in your home.

5. 3 Sided Fireplace in an Elegant Living Room

Photo by Discover living room design inspiration

Living rooms don’t get warmer or better than this. This 3-sided electric fireplace is surely the work of dreams, as it looks over the entire living room, shining light on all the fixtures inside the place.

6. White and Warm

Photo by Sea Island Builders LLCSearch living room pictures

Very few three sided electric fireplaces look as good as this one. We just love the design for this fireplace and hope that you can conjure up something similar inside your room as well.

7. Three Sided Gas Fireplace

Photo by Mainstream CabinetsMore home design photos

While this isn’t really an electric fireplace, we think you can take inspiration from the three sided design in play here. The dark hues of black go well with the brick wall to create an amazing picture.

8. Covering Dining Room and Lounge

Photo by D&D Interiors / Mikhail DantesSearch dining room design ideas

This three sided electric fireplace covers both the dining area and the lounge of this room. We love how the fireplace sits bang at the center of the room to ensure everyone is warm and cozy.

9. Minimalist Bedroom

Photo by Ownby DesignLook for bedroom pictures

This three-sided electric fireplace in the bedroom covers just about the entire room through three openings. You can now feel warm across the entire room, knowing that the fireplace will cover you.

10. White with Glass Finishing

Photo by Leytan DesignDiscover bedroom design inspiration

This amazing white fireplace comes with vertical glass coverage that allows your living room to feel warm and cozy through the season. Rest in peace knowing this fireplace has your needs covered.

We sure are big fans of three-sided fireplace ideas and hope that some of these designs have won you over. Do try them at your home for the best results.

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