10 Cool-Looking Corner Fireplace Mantel Ideas

10 Cool-Looking Corner Fireplace Mantel Ideas Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Fireplaces serve multiple purposes inside your home and come in useful for a lot more than just warming up the interior. For ages, fireplaces have had antique and aesthetic value in homes. However, in today’s age of value and space saving, fireplaces are also being valued for their mantels and how they can come in useful.

In this article we take a look at some cool-looking corner fireplace mantel ideas and how they can add spark inside your home.

1. The Natural Curvature

Photo by Home Front BuildBrowse living room photos

This corner fireplace comes with a natural curve, which makes for an interesting mantel. Hosting a frame and some books, the mantel for this fireplace sits at a slight elevation.

2. Grand and Antique

Photo by Lindsay von HagelSearch living room pictures

The one thing we admire about antique fireplaces is just how amazing their mantel is. This grand and antique fireplace has just the right mantel for storing books and positioning frames.

3. French Styled Corner Fireplace

Photo by Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc.Discover family room design ideas

French interior design sure does look amazing and captivating. The corner fireplace with mantel here follows the French style and supports two beautiful vases on top of it.

4. Bedroom Corner

Photo by Bess Jones InteriorsDiscover bedroom design inspiration

While some say fireplaces do not entirely belong inside a bedroom, we believe that they serve their best purpose in this spot. This corner fireplace in a bedroom has a wonderful mantle to support candles and flames.

5. Casual and Elegant

Photo by Bess Jones InteriorsDiscover bedroom design inspiration

The style statement behind fireplaces has changed, and this is what they would look like in a more casual setting. The mantle on top of this corner fireplace is decorated in a minimalistic manner.

6. Giant and Expansive

Photo by DiMauro Architects, Inc.Discover dining room design ideas

As much as small fireplaces excite us, a giant fireplace in the corner with an even better mantle space can sweep us off our feet. We love the mantle on this work of art and how the homeowner has decorated it.

7. White and Elegant

Photo by Polhemus Savery DaSilvaSearch living room design ideas

The color white has always looked elegant on fireplaces. We especially love it here, with the remarkable length and aesthetics of the fireplace on full display.

8. Rustic Brick Construction

Photo by boxwell design + buildMore family room ideas

Brick constructions do not only look appealing, but also add a lot of value to your interior design. This rustic brick corner fireplace comes with an extended mantle that can come in handy for storing decorative pieces.

9. Electric Fireplace with Mantle

Photo by Pro-Site Construction, IncSearch living room design ideas

Not many electric fireplaces come with a mantle on them, which is why this design looks particularly impressive to us. The light hues add to the beauty of this small white corner electric fireplace.

10. Modern and Trendy Family Room

Photo by Gustave Carlson DesignMore family room photos

This corner fireplace with mantel looks trendy and impressive. The red color goes well with the generally minimalistic nature of the fireplace. The mantle is being fully utilized and we like it.

Corner fireplaces with mantles add convenience and aesthetics to your home, something which you can determine through these pictures. Follow the designs you find best from the ideas above.

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