10 Beautiful Small Fireplaces for Small Spaces

10 Beautiful Small Fireplaces for Small Spaces Note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

We do realize that fire places serve more of a decorative purpose today than anything else. Not only are they perfect for keeping your home warm in a natural manner without any extensive expenditure on heaters and heating generated by electricity, but they also add a lot of aesthetics to the general space that they are in. Once you add a fireplace inside your home, you can be sure that the area will look complete and will present a picture of exquisite perfection overall.

Since fireplaces are generally meant to take up a lot of space, people with compact outdoor patios and living rooms have had to go without them in their homes. However, to your luck, the antique era of giant fire places is well beyond us. In this day and age of convenience and space saving, fire places have also shaped their look according to the trends. There are plenty of small fireplace designs around town for small spaces.

If you have a small space of your own, then you can go through the ideas that we look at in detail here. See these pictures and realize what the perfect fire place idea for your home would be.

1. Living Room Perfection

This living room fireplace design is perfectly compact and gives all the right vibes. The fireplace does not take up any excess wall area and looks pretty neat as it serves the small area well. The room is crowded with chairs, sofas and other lighting fixtures, which is why the compact design for the fireplace was an absolute necessity. We hope you like this fireplace, because it is literally what every homeowner wants today.

2. Patio Fireplace

While this isn’t a particularly small space, we believe that the design in itself can inspire people who have a small patio at home. The electric fireplace has been cut inside the stone patio wall and gives a natural look of aesthetics and brilliance shining in between the skillfully sculpted wall. We believe this design will catch up and become popular within the masses soon. Surely one to remember and replicate inside your home!

3. Outdoor Fireplace

More than indoor fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces are a hit with people. This outdoor fireplace area looks extremely artistic and the compact fireplace itself is a standout. What we like is that the fireplace does sit as the center area of attraction, but it does not invade the space as some other fireplaces from the days gone by would. On a side note, we also love the color combination and how it matches the furniture.

4. Compact Fire Place

This indoor fireplace also attracts us for obvious reasons. The compact shape and build of the fireplace is surely a delight to the eye and saves on space as well. This could make a perfect living room with the right efforts, as the fire place and the room itself would look great with the addition of more living room centric furniture. The wall isn’t that big, but it’s nice to see how wonderfully the fireplace has been added inside.

5. Excellent Woodwork

Wood and fire make an excellent combination, and this is just what the designer of this interior space has created here. This living area boasts an excellent and a compact fire space area that is further accentuated with the presence of logs of wood in the vertical shaft located alongside the fire space. Brown is the visible color here, as almost everything on this wall has a tinge of brown to it.

6. Unique Positioning

Talk about unique positioning when it comes to living areas. This living area has an open kitchen with it, and the space is pretty small and compact. We love how the fireplace has been built inside this already cozy space. This is a small fireplace for a small space, which is why you should look at this picture for inspiration the next time you have trouble designing small fireplaces for small spaces.

7. Subtle Incorporation

We love how subtly the designers have incorporated this small fireplace in this small space. The fireplace directly oversees the working area of the homeowners and will get some good gushes of warm wind to kill the cold in the summers. We also like the minimalistic nature in this home and that everything serves a purpose.

8. Merger of Antique and Contemporary

This fireplace is surely an amalgam of antique and contemporary designs. To begin with, this living room isn’t as big and spacious as some of the other rooms you would see back in the day. Carrying on, the fireplace has a tall vertical presence, but doesn’t cover much space horizontally. Also, the designers have extended the elevated beam of the fireplace to create a unique bookshelf. This is space that often goes begging for attention.

9. Apt Outdoor Positioning

This fireplace has aptly been positioned outdoors with the much needed presence of plants nearby. Most designers and homeowners go wrong with the positioning of the fireplace in outdoor areas. This fireplace is perfectly positioned and surely saves space as well. The compact nature makes it perfect for use in smaller areas, just what you are looking for.

10. Compact and Ideal

This might not be the most perfect fireplace on our entire list, but it is surely one that will catch the attention of all guests and will serve its purpose well. The fireplace covers more space vertically than it does horizontally and does not invade the dedicated space for the living room. If you have a similar small space, then this is the easiest design to follow.

We have looked at quite a few small fireplaces for small spaces in this article, and hope that you have found something of your liking as well. Go through the designs again and finalize your idea.

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